What is InLiquid?

Mission Statement

InLiquid mobilizes and makes accessible the visual arts culture of the greater Philadelphia region in order to unite communities, establish wider audiences for artists and designers, facilitate the relationship between artists and collectors, and nurture the public’s appreciation of all forms of visual art.

Vision Statement

InLiquid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to creating opportunities and exposure for visual artists while serving as a free, online, public hub that showcases Philadelphia’s vast visual arts culture.

Through the active promotion of artists’ work and credentials via online accessibility, numerous ongoing exhibition programs distributed throughout the city in galleries and alternative spaces, meaningful partnerships with cultural organizations and corporate clients, unique community-engaged events, and the facilitation of relationships with art collectors, InLiquid delivers the richness of our region’s visual art culture to broader audiences, thus increasing appreciation of all forms of visual culture.

InLiquid envisions a future Philadelphia where the visual art culture is so deeply integrated with the community that everyone can be a collector, regardless of socioeconomic position, profession, and location.

A Brief History

InLiquid was founded in 1999 by local artist Rachel Zimmerman under the observation that the Philadelphia region boasted a huge number of talented visual artists, yet only a small fraction were seen by the public, and the artists themselves were not actively engaged in dialogue and cooperation. Begun informally as a nonprofit online exhibition venue, meeting place, and information resource for artists, the organization quickly expanded its role with an increased number of members, expanded site content, and a regular series of public programs and “real world” exhibitions. Unlike commercial art sites, InLiquid has never existed as an agent for art sales, rather it serves as a free educational resource and conduit for interaction between artists, curators, patrons, and the public.

Today, InLiquid is a virtual hub for the visual arts in Philadelphia: online, we are the most comprehensive source for regional visual arts information & activities; in the community, we present dynamic, enriching exhibitions and programs in a variety of flexible public venues.

InLiquid received its 501(c)(3) certification in 2002.

InLiquid.org – The source for visual art in Philadelphia & Beyond from InLiquid on Vimeo. Our video was produced by The PHILO Project – an organization that creates quality professional videos for small Philadelphia area nonprofits free of charge. To learn more about PHILO, visit www.philoproject.org.

Click here to see a list of InLiquid’s Exhibition History

Artist Testimonials

  • “I wanted to thank you for your InLiquid site. I am very careful when I get people looking to purchase my art out of the blue. I searched the internet…and found the scam listings on your site. I am in Arizona, no boundaries for these scammers. Thank you for your website and supporting the arts.”
    -Corrine McAuley
  • “I really love being a member as I’ve had a lot of opportunities in the last year and people are beginning to recognize my work from the site! I am thrilled with the exposure and new contacts that have resulted by being a member! Looking forward to more new opportunities next year as well as the auction-what an awesome event!”
    -Wendee Yudis
  • “I wanted to thank you for all your help leading up to my solo show at the Crane Arts Project Room last May. It was great to have one of your professional photographers come by the studio, and the increased exposure due to the Flying Kite Media interview and the listing on Uwishunu was fantastic! You and the rest of the InLiquid team make me so glad I became a member.”
    -Ana Vizcarra Rankin
  • “The great thing about the InLiquid venue is that it’s really open to creativity and spontaneity.”
    -Roger Wing
  • “Within the first month of joining InLiquid I saw an increase in traffic to my website and a gallery contacted me for a solo show. InLiquid has also found an opportunity for me to show my work and they are helping with every step to make this great opportunity a reality. I couldn’t be happier with the exposure, contacts and the community that InLiquid is providing for me and all of their artists. This has truly been a wonderful (and a bit of a whirlwind) experience.”
    -Delainey Barclay
  • “This is the fourth exhibition that I have been offered as a result of being an InLiquid member! So glad to be a part of all this!”
    -Michele C. Kishita
  • “InLiquid provides a much needed service to emerging creatives in our city and connects us with people of influence who can facilitate our success as artists. An InLiquid membership is more than just a membership, it’s finding acceptance and support from a family who is longing to welcome you in.”
    -TJ Walsh
  • “I wanted to thank you for all the awesome PR and gorgeous publicity. Your team is fantastic!”
    -Deirdre Murphy
  • “This organization has the desire to connect with artists in Philadelphia and I saw firsthand how they work as a cohesive team. I am not even a member of the InLiquid organization, but was welcomed from the minute I walked through the door…This is the kind of organization that treats each other like family. Everyone in the studio seemed genuinely kind and passionate about their work….After leaving the studio, I felt so inspired to keep working and networking!” – Joanna Nawn
  • “Thanks so very much for putting together the Newsletter and including my information/exhibits and an image of one of my work. I do really enjoy learning what’s happening with InLiquid and the artist members – thanks for being there!” – PD Packard
  • “I have found that InLiquid is much more than a beautifully presented online art/artist database organized by an important non-profit arts organization situated firmly within the cultural fabric of Philadelphia. It is also run by kind-hearted, magnificent people who truly uphold the mission that they claim. I owe the opportunity of the first important art installation of my career to this wonderful organization; the curator found me on InLiquid’s website.” – Dawn Kramlich


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