Art for the Cash Poor Vendor Application

We are in the process of Notifying Vendors of Acceptance! There might be a few spaces available on Sunday Outside only please contact before applying.

What is Art for the Cash Poor?

Art for the Cash Poor, is a fabulous annual block party-style event that allows you the chance to show and sell your work directly to the public in a lively social atmosphere, that includes live music, great food, and libations. Average attendance is 2,000 visitors on Saturday + Sunday each day.

For Artists, Designers, & Crafters

Art for the Cash Poor is open to artists, designers, and crafters who make and produce their own work. All work is to be sold for $199 and below.

All participants are screened for quality and how they fit in with the event, submission does not guarantee acceptance. Artists may share a booth space at a discounted rate per each artist, each artist must be screened and accepted individually (we will not match artists for shared spaces).

Vendor Fees

Days Vending Single Artist Shared Space (price per artist) Gallery Space
InLiquid Member Non Member InLiquid Member Non Member Galleries/
Full weekend Friday Kickoff, Saturday + Sunday $200 $240 $160 $192 N/A
Saturday + Sunday Only no Friday Kickoff $200 $240 $160 $192 $360
Friday + Saturday $100 $120 $80 $96 N/A
Friday + Sunday $100 $120 $80 $96 N/A
Saturday only $100 $120 $80 $96 $180
Sunday only $100 $120 $80 $96 $180

Participants may signup for either the full weekend or an individual day. The Friday night Kickoff is free to participate, but to signup you must be participating Saturday and/or Sunday. Spaces are limited on Friday, and set-up on Friday will be inside the Icebox only (you may sign-up for an outside space on Saturday and/or Sunday and still do Friday inside – just be aware it is a smaller set-up space).

There is a non-refundable $15 submission fee that is due at the time of submission, this cost will be deducted from your participation fee upon acceptance. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with screening the event.

Tables may be rented for an additional $15 charge per table.


Booth and Event Details

Setup and Teardown

Vendor Responsibilities