InLiquid Member Portfolio Site Update Page

Site Updates are a great way to freshen up your page, promote new bodies of work, liven things up, and generate new interest. Artists updates are announced in the monthly newsletter “New work by…” with links to your page, as well as in the News section of the site.

Each of the membership packages allows for a different number of images, and amount of updates per a year. Updates may be made at anytime during the year and do not have to correlate with your renewal (we always throw a reminder in with the renewal).
• premium package – Up to 30 images total, exhibited in up to 5 categories
      archive up to 18 images (giving them a total maximum number of images 48)
• basic package – Up to 15 images total, exhibited in up to 2 categories
      archive up to 12 images (giving them a total maximum number of images 27)

With each update, You should go through the images and text on the site and let us know what you would like for us to keep, and what you would like to remove. Please refer to the membership level guide listed above for the maximum number of images. Older images on your page may be either kept in their current location and just added to with new work or moved to a new gallery of “Archived Work” lower on your page.

Please use this site update form to provide us some instructions for the changes you would like made to your portfolio page.

NOTE for sending Image files: To avoid upload failures we suggest using a file share service like and to send your images. If you are sending just a few images you may do so here. Images may also be e-mailed to, please note how many images we are expecting.

All fields marked with a red * are required fields and must be entered before moving on, failure to do so could cause information to be lost.

Please refer to each of the following sections for specific instructions (image size, resume guidelines, keyword/tags).

Contact Information * Media Categories Statement/Bio/Resume Images Image List Video/Film Submit Button*

If you have any questions or problems please e-mail

Portfolio Page Site Update Form

  • Use this form to give us instructions on how to update your portfolio page.

    All fields marked with a red * are required fields and must be entered before moving on.
  • Contact Information

  • Media Category

  • The "media" category is used to help navigate to your page through the media portals. Keep in mind the membership package you select determines the number of sections you are allotted. You can specify in your image list how you want the work divided or listed (some artist list work that is both "painting" and "mixed media" as "Painting/Mixed Media").
  • Text Changes

  • We use the College Art Association artist resume standards and guidelines. Please feel free to open or download our Resume Guideline for a list of resume categories and samples.

    If only making a few additions please feel free to send just those.
  • Images

  • Your images on the site are displayed on the site in columns of 3. The images can be divided by your selected media, or into separate bodies of work, or even kept as a whole portfolio body.

    Images should be no smaller than 1,000 pixels high, at 72 dpi; unless the image is a panoramic image then no wider than 1,200 pixels, at 72 dpi. Image file names should correspond to the provided image list. To avoid upload failures we suggest using either, to send your images. If you are sending just a few images you may do so here.

    For uploading images make sure to rename these files with your name and a corresponding number to your image list (e.g. image file: smith_john-01.jpg; image list smith_john-01.

    You may also send the images for updates via Hightail, Dropbox, or e-mail to Please note on the form below the method be used.
  • Image List

  • Please supply us with an image list for the work you are submitting, along with 5 - 10 comma separated keyword tags for each image (your name should be listed in the keyword tags).

    You may list the work in a particular order, divided into bodies of work and/or media. If there are older works on the site that you wish to have integrated in a specific way please specify that here. Please bear in mind that the images display in columns of 3.

    Your image list should look like the following for each image:

    Image file name: doe_jane_01.jpg

    Image list:
    doe_jane_01. Title, year, media (all lower case unless it is the name of a product), h" x w" x d", edition if applicable
    Tag: Jane Doe, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword
  • Film / Video

  • We can embed a video file to your portfolio page. Videos can be either works of yours, an artist profile or interview.

    To incorporate a video, the video must already exist online either on your own site or on another site that allows sharing files such as, or Please send us the link/s for the video file/s you wish to share.
  • Social Media Sharing

  • Share your Social Media outlets on your artist page.
    Note: We suggest that any of the social media outlets that you post be "public profiles" and not personal ones that you might want to reserve for close friends/associates (e.g. a Facebook page where you post just about your work and people can Like You vs your personal Facebook page where you post pictures of your kids and catch up with friends from high school/college etc.).

    Fill in the appropriate URL link for any of the following: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Linkedin, Blog, Etsy, Square, Vimeo, Youtube, Fandor, or other.