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  • D-SLR Photography for Beginners Class w/ Aaron Blum 10:30 - 12:30 am. Get started with the basics & start taking great pics,
  • explores the hidden history of Amy Orr ,
  • In West Philadelphia, A Fabric Artist Strikes Again | Hidden City Philadelphia - “There are stories woven... ,
  • Some pieces are destined to be album covers. White stripes, anyone? Title: White Artist: John… ,
  • Red Sofa Reading Series Two-Year Anniversary, 7 - 10 pm Cost: $7 in advance, $10 at the door,


  • Wind in the Works Wind in the Works
    post by Erica Minutella Pieces of the city fall like leaves from the sky. Car parts, bladed tools, and reworked scrap metal blossom into carefully-tended and trimmed sculptural bouquets, or wilt their former glory from walls and ceilings through the...
  • Savoring Jazz at Savery Gallery Savoring Jazz at Savery Gallery
    post by Erica Minutella Imagine you’re at an intimate party, surrounded by some of jazz’s greatest icons – Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Cab Calloway. Everyone is impeccably dressed, in the way that only men and women of the 1930s to...
  • Taking Stock of Lauren Fensterstock Taking Stock of Lauren Fensterstock
    post by Erica Minutella In the realm of physics, a black box entails an unknown system. In the realm of Lauren Fensterstock‘s art, a black box entails a direct glimpse into the unknown. Maybe a black hole is a more...
  • The Business of Food Trucks: An Interview with Scott Kaplan of Jerry's Kitchen The Business of Food Trucks: An Interview with Scott Kaplan of Jerry’s Kitchen
    post by Erica Minutella If you plan on hitting outdoor art fairs this summer, you’re bound to run into a few of your favorite local food trucks along the way. In fact, the promise of a really good sandwich or...
  • Go Mad for Honesty at AFTCP16 Go Mad for Honesty at AFTCP16
    post by Erica Minutella Go Mad for Change at InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor 16, June 12 – 14, at Crane Arts. This week, we’re featuring work by artists who embody change by espousing beauty, liberty, affordability, and sustainability....
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