A carefully curated list of art blogs and online publications, from Philadelphia & beyond.

Working as a team of writers and support staff, the artblog today is a multidimensional educational laboratory and online archive generating ideas to connect the public with art. A 2012 Knight Arts Challenge grant winner, the artblog partners with WHYY’s, and many local arts organizations to share content and information. Also in 2012, Libby and Roberta were selected to be PA Commonwealth Speakers, for which they speak about art at public libraries and community centers. They also lecture and teach at universities; they curate, jury and evangelize for art and artists. Through their work with students and emerging writers, they are mentoring the next generation of arts entrepreneurs and cultural journalists.
Philadelphia Art News Blog by DoN Brewer.
Femme & Fortune
Two friends met over their love of WordPress in the beautiful city of brotherly love in the Fall of 2012. Fast forward a few months and the creation of Femme & Fortune was born! With the idea of bringing together the creative female community in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, Melissa and Celestine knew that an online magazine incorporating relevant and current topics was just the outlet needed in the online space.
Fishtown Spotlights
This blog will review a variety of businesses and organizations in the Fishtown, Kensington, and Port Richmond areas of Philadelphia. Equally important to those businesses and organizations are the people behind them. There are a lot of creative, hardworking professionals who are essential to the developing and lively culture of this part of the city. If you live in or near the Fishtown area, or are just visiting, this is a chance for you to take a peek into some great neighborhood spots, and to meet the individuals who make them possible.
Flying Kite Media
Flying Kite is a weekly online magazine focused on what’s next for the city and its suburbs. We’re creating a new narrative about Philadelphia, one that connects our readers with everyone and everything moving the region forward. We’re highlighting the people, ideas, neighborhoods, companies and institutions that are helping return Philadelphia to world-class city status.
Fresh Paint Magazine
Fresh Paint Magazine is a quarterly online and print publication inspired by talented emerging artists and writers. Accepted work is published in print and actively promoted on our social networks and through partnership with our community.
Our goal? To talk about geeky things that interest us and highlight events, stores, and people in Philadelphia who, like us, are geeky.
Haha Magazine
HAHA was founded to celebrate art in all its forms. By keeping our finger on the pulse of the art world we hope to stimulate and awaken the desire for others to continue to use art as a vehicle to shape and reflect the varying viewpoints of their communities. We want our readers to experience how fun and alive the immersion into arts can make you feel – and how it helps us relate to one another. Our goal is that this magazine will continue to branch out into working with organizations and foundations that share the goal to advocate for the arts.
Knight Arts Philadelphia
KnightArts is an organizational blog maintained by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
Philadelphia Neighborhoods
Philadelphia Neighborhoods is the cornerstone of the Department of Journalism’s mission to better tell stories in the undercovered and underserved neighborhoods of Philadelphia. Students tell the stories that represent the diverse voices of the multicultural and multinational Philadelphia neighborhoods. Each semester students concentrate their news coverage in a targeted Philadelphia neighborhood, and then provide it with topical information and news from the community. Philadelphia Neighborhoods provides a form of hyper-local coverage missing from our urban communities: journalism street by street.
Main Course PHL
Philadelphia’s New Arts and Entertainment Lifestyle Magazine
Philly 360°
Your guide to Philly’s diverse creative scene, nightlife, music, food & more.
Philly “Art” Blog
As a romantically-entangled pair of art lovers, we share many opinions about many forms of art. However, as with all great couplings, we don’t agree on everything, and perhaps our various views may be interesting to you, the reader.
Philly Art Experience is the hub and destination website to experience all of the unique art and exclusive art events throughout the city of Philadelphia.
Philly Blog Love
Philly Blog Love is a society for Philadelphia’s top fashion, beauty & lifestyle bloggers.
Philly Current Magazine
Where to go, what to wear, where to eat, and how to be an awesome Philadelphian are just a few of the things you’ll discover in every issue. You’ll also discover emerging artists, dynamic personalities, and events we bet you’re going to want to attend.
Philly Side Arts Blog
Side Arts is a service where visual artists and craftware professionals find and apply to local jobs including calls for artists, jobs, grants, classes, and other artist opportunities.
The Photo Review
The Photo Review is a critical journal of national scope and international readership. Publishing since 1976, the Photo Review covers photography events throughout the country and serves as a central resource for the Mid-Atlantic region. With incisive reviews, exciting portfolios, lively interviews, the latest in books and exhibitions, The Photo Review quarterly journal has earned a reputation as one of the best serious photography publications being produced today.
Proximity Arts
Proximity Arts was formed as a way of sharing our thoughts on art and art making.
All of the Proximity Arts contributors are currently pursuing their Masters in Fine Art. After spending an intense summer in residency several of us decided to collaborate on a group show. The show, titled Proximity, focused on process and our shared learning experience.
Our goal was to extend this collaboration beyond one art show; to communicate our individual perspectives and to facilitate an open discourse among student artists.
Phreelancing in Philly
Snax Magazine
Snax Magazine was founded by Ashley Butler in January 2011. It is a one-of-a kind collaborative magazine, bringing artists together to tell a story through their art. Each issue centers around a theme, a concept, an idea, that can be represented and cultivated in limitless ways. Uninhibited by client demands and corporate standards, our artists are free to interpret each theme honestly, and without restraint. Snax represents the raw power of the liberated Artist voice.
The concept development was based on a collective need for colleagues to collaborate and produce work. Snax Magazine helps build direct relationships between artists and businesses. Intimate collaborations provide genuine designs and immediate connections to the community. We at Snax, work to inspire and motivate artists to return to their passion for art and to build direct relationships between businesses and artists.
Stardust Magazine
Stardust Magazine is a Philadelphia international fashion art magazine. Designed to inspire a younger generation while encouraging a more mature audience to tap into its essence, Stardust will feature undiscovered local and international talent from the worlds of fashion, art, music, photography, home, design, and culture. The online magazine will be hosted at, bringing together a mix of beautiful imagery and trendsetting talent throughout the site.
The magazine is the product of Justin-Julius Santos and Sophie Cécile Xu, who have a passion for creativity, photography, style, and art. Justin is the owner of Curated Goods and a fashion photographer residing in Philadelphia and has previously lived and worked in Paris and New York. Sophie is a graduate of University of the Arts in graphic design and photography. This dynamic duo will bring style to Philadelphia.
Streets Dept
Talking about my blog one day, which unfortunately(?) I do quite often, a good friend told me that the cool thing about me was that I’m much more of a reporter than a blogger. Think about that for second. . . She told me that the great difference between me and other bloggers in Philly was that I didn’t just recycle news headlines, but that I went out on the streets and discovered stories. That again, I was more of a reporter than a blogger. And I think that’s a pretty fair assessment of me and of what I do. I take my camera, I walk around the city, and I find things on the streets of Philadelphia that are interesting: street art, a nice sunset, or a box of shit outside of City Hall. Whatever’s out there and eye catching, really. Then I report back to you what I’ve found. It’s simple, everything on this blog (for the most part) is completely original. That’s the difference. And I hope that’s why you choose to keep coming back here.
The St. Claire
is an artist-run, digital forum which investigates, engages, and supplements Philadelphia’s cultural output. Released on the second Sunday of every month, she is a platform for reviews, essays, and interviews—as well as a venue for experimental modes of analysis and communication. THE CENTERFOLD of the St.Claire is a project space dedicated to displaying new works of digital media.
Technically Philly
A better Philadelphia through technology.
That’s the call to action led by Technically Philly, a news organization that has covered technology issues in the Philadelphia region since February 2009.
THE Magazine
THE magazine focuses on contemporary art, conducts interviews with national and local artists, and publishes articles on dining, wine and spirits, cultural issues of the day, as well as art, book, and film reviews.
The Smart Set
The Smart Set is an online magazine covering culture and ideas, arts and science, global and national affairs — everything from literature to shopping, medicine to sports, philosophy to food. The Smart Set strives to present big ideas on the small, the not-so-small, and the everyday.
Title Magazine
We are Philadelphia artists, curators, and arts-professionals who share an interest in visual culture. We created Title to contribute to the substantive discussion and critical analysis of the arts in Philadelphia. Our city’s arts community is vibrant and developing; this site is a forum for the exchange of ideas and an opportunity for reflection.
We do not have a unified point of view or editorial policy. Title encompasses diverse perspectives, offered in many different voices. The contributors to this site are unified by a commitment to well-crafted writing, and an enthusiasm for artistic exploration. magazine
Philadelphia magazine for music, style, art & culture.
Uwishunu is the official tourism blog of Philadelphia, but it definitely is not just for visitors. It’s for Philadelphians who want to know more about everything new and exciting happening in the city and the surrounding region.
With Art Philadelphia
Curate your own experience.


25 Books Blog
Photography is our passion. 25books consists of the Berlin bookstore and showroom focused on photography as well as the web-based 25books-store which was the origin this blog has emerged from. In our store and on our website we present handpicked photo books, new titles on the current list with our favorites, a small choice of further outstanding works in our backlist and in addition to that special editions and strictly limited collector’s editions. In our store located in the Brunnenstraße we regularly present exhibitions of well-known or yet undiscovered photographers, the book presentations give you the opportunity to get into conversation with artists and publishers.
Airform Archives
Things related to sound, visual art, architecture, modernism, music, design, fluxus, 78’s, literature, film, ephemera, and much more …basically a space to share “the collection”, much of which serves as inspiration for my work…
The American Center for Artists
The American Center for Artists is an electronic magazine that focuses on the biography and autobiography of famous and emerging writers, painters, sculptors, musicians, and other artists. It also presents new and reprinted works by these artists as well as articles about them.
Collaborating with a wide range of arts professionals, including artists, educators, curators, administrators, academics, and writers, the Art21 Blog offers access to artists featured in the PBS documentary series, Art:21—Art in the Twenty-First Century, as well as contemporary art and artists at large. Furthermore, through a series of original editorial features, including the in-depth discussion series Flash Points, regular columns, exclusive videos and interviews, and musings on contemporary art education, this site reflects Art21’s approach to stimulating critical reflection and conversation about contemporary art.
Art and Artifice
A weblog dedicated to everything concerning art and the law.
Art Bead Scene
Art Bead Scene is an interactive blog with the goal of uniting bead artists of all materials and the jewelry designers who use art beads in their work. The blog has published daily since March 2007!
Arkitip is a limited-edition, hand-numbered art book that regards excellence in production as principally important.
The First Art Newspaper on the Net.
Artdish – northwest forum on visual art is a Seattle-based online art blog with featured magazine content offering news, reviews and comment about visual and performing art.
International magazine.
Art Letter
For the past 4 years Paul Klein has championed Chicago by writing and distributing ArtLetter , an online examination of art in Chicago. He previews exhibitions and encourages readers to broaden their horizons by embracing unexpected quality, new venues, dynamic artists and strong exhibitions.
Art Market Blog
The World’s Most Popular Independent Art Market Analysis.
Published eleven times a year, ARTnews reports on the art, personalities, issues, trends and events shaping the international art world. In clear, well-crafted language that is as comprehensible to the novice as it is to the expert, the magazine offers a lively, provocative, and visually stimulating package that informs as well as entertains with news dispatches from a worldwide network of correspondents, hard-hitting investigative reports, criticism, and opinion.
The Art Newspaper
We report on old art, new art, decorative art, the commercial and the non-commercial world—but we are very careful not to mix the last two up, as that lead to puffery, another of the besetting sins of art publications. We want to know and show where the power lies in the art world.
Art Observed
Art Observed covers contemporary art globally from a New York City perspective. We intend to provide a selective, editorialized, curated perspective on the fine art arena including the trends and forces that drive the market.
Art Papers
ART PAPERS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the examination, development, and definition of art and culture in the world today. Its mission is to provide an independent and accessible forum for the exchange of perspectives on the role of contemporary art as a socially relevant and engaged discourse. This mission is implemented through the publication of ART PAPERS Magazine and the presentation of public programs.
Art Print Issues
Arts marketing consulting.
Art Smacked
Formerly titled VisualBites, this blog was launched in 2007 and features international art news, debates, exhibitions and opinion. The recently re-branded ArtSmacked in addition to the above mentioned content provides a more streamline format for readers to catch up on their art news. Specific categories include Editor’s Picks, Features, Reviews, Videos, What’s On and ‘You’ve Been ArtSmacked’ which highlights the latest and most controversial art news.
Art Sucks
ARTSUCKS is a single-author New York Art Blog told in reverse chronological order tracing the quixotical life and times of COJO “Art Juggernaut”. A Gen-Y pencil & paintbrush packing antihero ever trudging the streets of Manhattan (Brooklyn, Queens, NJ, PA, etc…), sucking the creative juice straight from the black pulpy heart of “The Big Ol’ Rotten Apple”, and getting drunk on the cider…
Art Threat
Art Threat is an online publication devoted to political art and cultural policy. We write about art that seeks to interpret, influence, or reflect upon society. We discuss policy as it pertains to culture. And we showcase artists whose work inspires social change. Whether your passion is video or visual art, design or drama, music or literary musings, we’ve got you covered with a blanket of information and eye candy.
Arts Journal
ArtsJournal was founded September 13, 1999 in the heady days of the dotcom boom. The site is a digest of some of the best arts and cultural journalism in the English-speaking world. Each day ArtsJournal features link to stories culled from more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts and culture. Stories from sites that charge for access are excluded (though there seem to be fewer and fewer of pay-access sites).
Arts & Letters Daily
Ideas. Criticism. Debate.
Bad at Sports
Founded in 2005 by Duncan MacKenzie, Richard Holland, and Amanda Browder, Bad at Sports (B@S) now features over 20 principle collaborators and is a weekly podcast, a series of objects, events, and a daily blog produced in Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and New York City that features artists and “art worlders” talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and participates in it.
Architectural conjecture, urban speculation, landscape futures.
Blind Spot
Blind Spot is a semi-annual art journal that publishes unseen work by living photographers. In Blind Spot, images are given primacy and published collaboratively rather than curatorially, unaccompanied by introductory, biographical or explanatory text. Blind Spot is not about photography, our content is photography. Blind Spot bridges the gap between emerging and established artists, and creates a new context where each can benefit from the company of the other. By publishing accomplished artists on an intimate scale, we strive to enrich and provide direction to our culture. Since its launch in 1993, Blind Spot has featured over 300 living photographers including Uta Barth, Gregory Crewdson, Tim Davis, Rineke Dijkstra, Adam Fuss, and Vik Muniz, many of whom have gained critical and audience acclaim through their exposure in the magazine.
Blue Eyes Magazine
Blueeyes Magazine is an online documentary photography magazine devoted to publishing new long-term project work. It is a labor of love created by a dedicated group of people who believe in the power of still photography. The magazine was created in 2003 in response to declining editorial space for documentary images, following in the footsteps of the now defunct Untitled Magazine to publish pictures that support and celebrate passionate and personal photography.
Since 1981, BOMB has been delivering the artist’s voice through carefully developed conversations between artists about the creative process. This editorial method has proven to be a catalyst for discussion and thought that delves deep into both the practice and theory of creative work. BOMBlog’s purpose is to experiment with this methodology whenever possible, discovering new ways to fulfill, and enhance, BOMB’s mission, while expanding the scope and reach of the print magazine’s legacy into the digital realm. BOMBlog is edited by artists, writers, filmmakers, and musicians. We are artists from across the disciplines in collaboration with other artists. If you want to get involved, please email us at blog at bombsite dot com.
BOMB Magazine, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, delivers the artist’s voice through in-depth interviews between artists working across genre and media—collaborations that reveal their ideas, concerns, and creative processes through carefully developed dialogue—now and for posterity.
Booooooom was launched in 2008 by Vancouver-based artist Jeff Hamada, with the hope that it would foster a community of people excited to go out and be creative. It has quickly become one of the largest blogs on the internet, with 3 million pageviews each month, and readers from all over the world. Incredibly, this is mainly the result of good old fashion word-of-mouth! So if you’ve told even one person about this place hold your hand up to the monitor and accept this high-five! Did you feel that? That was no regular high-five, that was the highest-five in the history of highs and fives.
Brown Paper Bag
A daily art blog emphasizing works on paper and celebrating art and creativity.
Clancco: The Source for Art and Law is a web site launched by Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento and based out of New York City. The aim of is to explore, investigate, and examine the relationship between art and law. With an educational background in art, art theory, and law, Clancco’s expertise lies in the discourses of intellectual property, nonprofit tax-exempt organizations, free speech, and contemporary art. Through articles, interviews, lectures and symposiums, we aim to disseminate this information to art and legal professionals as well as to students from educational institutions at all levels. Readers are welcome to keep abreast of such issues here and participate in the ongoing dialogue regarding these problematics.
Created in Birmingham
Created in Birmingham is a weblog that has been written on an almost daily basis since 1 December 2006, promoting, discussing and being part of Birmingham’s vibrant creative community.

Curator’s Corner
Inspiring art teachers to explore art history.
Daily Art Fixx
Artist profiles (both historical and current), most visual art genres, and themes such as Women in the Arts, Art-e-Facts, E-Learning, videos, and more.
A Daily Dose of Architecture
(Almost) daily architectural musings and imagery from New York City.
Design Milk
Ready for your daily dose of vitamin D (that’s “D” for design!)? An online magazine dedicated to modern design, Design Milk offers what’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture and decor, fashion and technology. Always fresh + never sour, Design Milk fills your thirsty cup to the brim with design finds from around the world. Drink up!
Design Observer
(Almost) daily architectural musings and imagery from New York City.
Digging Pitt
Pittsburgh, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland Arts And Livable City Blog.
DLK Collection
From one photography collector to another: a venue for thoughtful discussion of vintage and contemporary photography via reviews of recent museum exhibitions, gallery shows, photography auctions, photo books, art fairs and other items of interest to photography collectors large and small.
Dodge & Burn
Dodge & Burn photography blog will highlight what is often “dodged” from the art scene and “burned” in art history: photographers of African, Asian, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islander and Aleutian heritage, women photographers and works of photography about these and other indigenous communities of the world.
This blog will also be a dedicated resource for photography call for entries, grants and other artist opportunities.
FIND Art Magazine
FIND Art Magazine is on a mission to find artists by offering them more exposure to more people. With a strict rule to never feature the same artist twice ensures that every issue is equipped with an entirely new group of artists. Every issue you pick up will be completely different than the last one. The pages themselves are sized conveniently to fit standard frame sizes with full bleed artwork, making more art more accessible to more people. Even if you can’t afford the high cost of fine art, you can now take a page, frame it, hang it, appreciate it and collect all your favorite artists as the issues get released. So sit back and follow us, share us and stay tuned as we FIND Art!
Flak Photo
Flak Photo is an online photography channel that presents the work of artists, curators, bookmakers and photo organizations to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture. The site’s main feature is The Collection, a digital archive of contemporary photographs which is updated five times weekly.
Fraction Magazine
Fraction Magazine features the best of contemporary photography, bringing together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. Each monthly on-line issue focuses on a central theme, creating an implicit dialogue between differing photographic perspectives. Fraction also offers in-depth photography book reviews.
FUSE Magazine
FUSE is a venue for timely and politically engaged publishing and programming reflecting the diversity of the contemporary art world. Our work fosters the exchange between social movements and the arts, featuring critical treatment of the most pressing and contentious issues in art, culture and politics from a Canadian perspective.
Glasstire is an online magazine that covers visual art in Texas and Southern California. We’ve been in continuous operation since January 2001. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, and we’re supported in part by grants from The Houston Endowment, The Brown Foundation, Inc., the Greater Houston Community Foundation, the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance, and the Texas Commission for the Arts.
Gwyneth’s Full Brew
My drawing surface of choice since 2008 is the cardboard coffee cup. The slightly off-white, matte surface of a sturdy unadorned cardboard cup takes beautifully the jet-black India ink and the earthy permanent colors of the Faber and Castell colored brush pens that I favor.
In this blog, members of the Henry staff, members of Seattle’s arts community, and artists can provide insight and informal commentary on exhibitions, programs, events, and arts issues while inviting members of our audience and readers to join in.
Happy Famous Artists
Bad art for bad people.
Hello Beautiful!
Something beautiful every day.
Hookedblog is an awesome Street Art blog established in 2005 as a place for us to share our love of Street Art, Ephemeral Art, Graffiti, Stencils, Zines, Tags, Screen Printing, Illustration and everything and anything in between!
Identity Theory
Headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, Identity Theory is an online literary magazine and cultural hub that has been publishing original writing, interviews, and other forms of creative expression since July 2000.
i like this art
Contemporary art blog.
Illustration Friday
Illustration Friday is a weekly drawing challenge and participatory art exhibit. Every Friday a new topic is posted (based on topics you suggest!) and you have one week to come up with your own, unique interpretation. Anyone who likes to draw, paint, sculpt, doodle or color can participate in Illustration Friday. You don’t need to be a pro! It’s fun to see everyone’s art – novices and pros alike.
The Independent Photobook
The Independent Photo Book announces independently published and/or produced photography books or zines, which are not available via Amazon or other standard outlets. The blog’s founders and editors are Jörg Colberg and Hester Keijser.
Japan Exposures
The people behind Japan Exposures are active photographers with a deep understanding of the interests and needs of their fellow practitioners. We are personally connected to key Japanese photographers, galleries, publishers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, and even academics working in field. But even more important than connections, we know that, amongst others, there are two immutable desires in every one of us: to look at different ways of working and to look at the work of other photographers. We are working for you to make this a reality and mutually increase both your and our exposure to Japan and its photographic wealth.
Joanne Mattera
Guaranteed Biased, Myopic, Incomplete and Journalistically Suspect.
Lenscratch is a blogzine that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community.
Metropolis Magazine
Metropolis examines contemporary life through design—architecture, interior design, product design, graphic design, crafts, planning, and preservation. Subjects range from the sprawling urban environment to intimate living spaces to small objects of everyday use. In looking for why design happens in a certain way, Metropolis explores the economic, environmental, social, cultural, political, and technological context. With its innovative graphic presentation and its provocative voice, Metropolis shows how richly designed our world can be.
Mull it Over
A series of web based interviews with innovative contemporary photographers from around the world.
Museum of Monday
A curatorial notebook & archive of weekend sightings by Emily Berçir Zimmerman.
News Grist
NEWSgrist “where spin is art” is a blog edited by New York artist Joy Garnett that gathers
together short profiles, exhibition reviews, op-ed pieces and other online coverage with
occasional personal commentary. It takes as its focus the politics of art in the digital age,
focusing on free speech, intellectual property and censorship issues. NEWSgrist places art within a
sociocultural and political context, collaging texts in a way that obscures the difference
between artist and commentator, blog and work of art.
Northwest Chicago Film Society
The Northwest Chicago Film Society exists to promote the preservation of film in context. Films capture the past uniquely. They hold the stories told by feature films, but also the stories of the industries that produced them, the places where they were exhibited, and the people who watched them. We believe that all of this history–not just of film, but of 20th century industry, labor, recreation, and culture–is more intelligible when it’s grounded in unsimulated experience: seeing a film in a theater, with an audience, and projected from film stock.
NY Art Beat
New York Art Beat is New York’s art & design events calendar. A free site listing more than 700 events in 800 spaces.
NY Arts Magazine
Since its launch in the summer of 1995 as both a web and a hard copy print publication, (NYAM) has continued to be the fastest growing art portal in New York City, and currently has more than 20 million annual hits. The information is updated daily, and our archives and daily newsletters include 2,000 galleries, 10,800 shows, 40,000 artists, and 35,000 images.
OC Art Blog
Art blog based in Orange County.
OMNP Arts offers contemporary insight into Old Masters art and selected works for sale.
Papercut Mag
Papercut Magazine is a monthly digital and on-demand print publication that chronicles the global creative eco-system. We seek to share the stories from the people, topics and technologies that are continuously evolving the creative world. Through this coverage, we ultimately provide a platform to showcase the best of fresh, new talent for an international audience that embraces diverse and progressive points of view.
Paradigm Magazine
Paradigm Magazine is a lifestyle and cultural publication that focuses on the quality, production, and expression of what is appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Through interviews, videos, pictures, and articles, we share with readers the vision, journey, and style of forward thinkers; originators that are continuously shifting the paradigm.
Welcome to Peek, a blog curated by artist Lee Gainer that has featured a new contemporary artist every weekday since February 2008.
The Pink Line Project
The Pink Line Project catalyzes the culturally curious to participate, innovate, engage, and conspire with passion, awesomeness, inspiration, generosity, and ingenuity.
Portland Art
PORT is dedicated to catalyzing critical discussion and disseminating information about art as lensed through Portland, Oregon.
Professional Artist
Previously published under the name Art Calendar for more than 25 years, Professional Artist is dedicated to providing independent visual artists from all backgrounds with the insights, encouragement and business strategies they need to make a living with their artwork. Each issue of the magazine presents practical business advice on subjects such as art marketing, art law, portfolio development, exhibition presentation, communication skills and sales techniques, as well as articles to help artists feel encouraged and motivated. Along with a comprehensive list of calls to artists available both in the magazine and online at, Professional Artist is the ultimate career resource for fine artists everywhere.
Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology. Through open platforms for exchange and collaboration, our website serves to encourage and expand the communities around these practices. Our programs, many of which happen online, include commissions, exhibitions, events, discussion, archives and portfolios. We support artists working at the furthest reaches of technological experimentation as well as those responding to the broader aesthetic and political implications of new tools and media. Our organizational voice draws attention to artists, their work, their perspectives and the complex interrelationships between technology, art and culture.

Shooting Wide Open
Full-time photog/video/blogging job in Seattle.
The Splatter
Here you can stay up to date on all the newest art supplies, participate in interesting discussions, hear what other artists have to say, find out about fun projects and new art techniques, get tips in art marketing, discover new artist resources and more! The information from our blog comes not only from us, but also from artists just like you!
Urban Sketchers
This blog site features sketches and often equally colorful stories behind the scenes by 100 invited artists correspondents in more than 30 countries around the world. Some are architects and illustrators, others are graphic designers, web developers, painters or educators, all sharing the same passion for drawing on location. If you are interested in purchase or usage of any of their sketches, please contact each artist directly.
Vandalog began in October 2008 as the place for people to keep up to date on what’s going on with street art. If something matters in the world of street art, you can read about it on Vandalog. This is the blog, but we are also on Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook. And there’s an online shop.
View Camera
VIEWCAMERA® is a bi-monthly publication that began in 1988, and is specifically aimed toward the large format photographer. Each issue provides in-depth interviews with portfolios by respected photographers, new and used equipment reviews, workshop listings, and articles providing technical information for the large format photographer that cannot be found in any other publication. In addition, we have many regular features in each issue including Product Review, Working With a Master, and The Black-and-White Corner.
Visual Language Magazine
Founded in early 2012, Visual Language is a contemporary digital art magazine presenting the stories and art of artists around the world. In the first year of publication over 900,000 readers enjoyed the pages of 10 outstanding issues.
Wooster Collective
The Wooster Collective was founded in 2001. This site is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating ephemeral art placed on streets in cities around the world.
Fine art and professional photography.

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