Three Facts About InLiquid Member Teresa Shields You Will Find Inspiring

By Scott Schultheis

InLiquid Member-Artist Teresa Shields is a variety of things: a full-time embroidery artist, before which she was a martial arts specialist, running a martial arts school at the same time–not to mention a designer of her own home. Details and rigorous training are two inspiring qualities of hers, perfect for leading any kind of workshop, whether it be art in the visual or physical sense. Already sold out, this month she will be teaching an embroidery workshop at Park Towne Place, part of InLiquid’s partnership with Park Towne Place and Aimco in the redevelopment initiative to become a vital member of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway cultural community. After my short discussion with Teresa Shields, I am sure of three things:

  1. Teresa has fallen madly in love with her embroidery work.
  2. Teresa really likes circles–circles of many kinds. I asked her to go into greater detail about this. I ask: were some circles in, while others were out? Her interest in the shape seems to be all encompassing, and I enjoyed the way she categorizes her fascination. “Some (circles) were rocks, while some were holes,” she said. Sure, it’s a challenge generating interest in something as inanimate as a shape, but Teresa’s dedication to the form comes down to the rewards that come from meditative visual analysis. That is where the true interest lies. Her circles magnify the complex insides of vegetables, cloud formations, or microscopic cellular structures.   
  3. Teresa lives in a beautiful house that she methodically designed. 

We are excited to welcome Teresa and learn from her first hand as she shares some of her favorite embroidery techniques and guides us as we begin our own embroidery projects. For anyone who is not able to join this exciting workshop at Park Towne Place, but would have liked to join Teresa, we would be excited to hold future workshops with similar content.

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