EKE: Kaman + Erland

Sculpture & 3D


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Contact Information

6350 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19119
tel: 216-559-2735
tel: 267-972-1650
e-mail: info@ekeart.com


Based in Philadelphia the collaborative work of Kate Kaman and Joel Erland encompasses large scale environmental artworks as well as interactive sculpture. Their works includes site specific atrium sculpture, decorative surfaces of public spaces, and experimental artwork often incorporating new media. Working alongside engineers and architects on projects from Los Angeles to New York they have created architecturally oriented artworks for civic and corporate clients such as universities, municipalities, developers, and transportation hubs. Erland and Kaman have also exhibited their artwork in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.

Kaman born in Cleveland, OH studied painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and landscape architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. With a background in Industrial design and apprenticeships to inventors imagineers and fabricators Erland born in Coimbra Portugal studied design at Point Loma in San Diego, CA and in Schaffhausen Switzerland. The partners have been working together since 2005. Kaman + ERland choose to work together because they prefer their work to be collaborative and relational.



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