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719 Signal Hill Road
Dresher, PA 19025
tel: 215-820-9291
e-mail: Lori Felt
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Artist Statement

Art has always been the essence of who I am. However, I never fully realized this until I became chronically ill and could no longer hold a paintbrush. When my health was restored, I felt as though I was given a second chance and discovered my true purpose: celebrate living and celebrate the beauty of life through my visions. Now anything that I gaze upon appears to have an inner brilliance that I was not able to fully realize before. My color palette intensified to mimic my new blissful passion for life. I found myself experimenting by letting my soul lead the way. Collage infused with paint started to intrigue me and by connecting these completely different mediums, I was able to create infinite possibilities. Collage gives my paintings a timeless illusionary quality, not to mention a new dimension. I find the observer examining where the paint ends and the illusion begins. I now try to look at something familiar to the eye and change the context for which we know it to be. Often I will paint words that are intertwined with my theme into my artwork to reveal hidden messages.

Art is the vehicle by which I am able to make a difference in this world. I am blessed to be involved with organizations that raise money for all kinds of causes. By donating my time and then auctioning off my work, I am able to raise money to help these important causes. There are no words to describe the utter bliss that I feel when I make a significant difference in an individual’s life. Syracuse University had an art program that gave me the tools to experiment with all kinds of mediums. My professors stirred a passion deep down in my soul that created a burning desire to paint. It is my wish that my artwork will touch as many lives as possible.


Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Professional Experience

Art Director, B’nai B’rith

Selected Exhibitions

Annual Juried Show, Abington Arts Center, Abington, PA
Juror: Virgil Marti

Ocean City Annual Art Show, Ocean City, NJ

Art on Tap, Abington Arts Center, Abington, PA



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