Carol J Forman




Wilde Yarns

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Philadelphia PA
tel: 267-973-7476
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Artist Bio

Carol Forman is a Philadelphia based photographer who comes from a traditional photographic background. Her education began at home with her father’s darkroom in the basement. Carol took advantage of every opportunity to work with film, cameras and darkroom access throughout high school and college and later studying at The Maine Photographic Workshops at Rockport.

Though her work is primarily abstract she has made a living photographing events and portraits.

Artist Statement

Eliminating context.

This is at the root of my photography. I make a photograph to give the viewer a feeling of pleasant disorientation. From a distance, my images appear to be abstract forms of color, light, texture, possibly even paintings—yet on closer examination one can see what “it” is: a wall, a crack, a window.
My work abstracts the literal object; that is how I see, and it is what I want to translate to the viewer. Rather than photograph for an audience, I focus on myself as the primary viewer, taking photographs for my own visual pleasure to create an ethereal atmosphere using real content. Leaning toward the purely aesthetic.

The goal is to feel the image, for the viewer to be freed of the need to attach meaning to what is presented.

Each image is printed on Bamboo Photographic Paper to help maintain the depth of the organic nature of the subject. Printed photographs measure 30×40 inches.



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