Hope Kahn

Photography/Mixed Media

YEARNINGS: A Garden and Statue Series

A longing for images reminiscent of painterly tranquil scenes of the 1900’s led me to explore this body of work.

These collages are the result of the combining of many layers, images, and textures.

This process allows me to share these imaginary lands of embellished statues and gardens
Yearnings of a place
Yearnings of a feeling
Yearning to create
Yearning for beauty
Yearning for grace
Yearning for fertile land
Yearning for my voice…

Geometry in Nature

Topiary, the art of growing dense, leafy plants by pruning or training them into three-dimensional geometric or animal-like forms, can trace it roots to the ancient Romans. During the 1700s in Europe, topiary gardens were popular among wealthy landowners. The first topiary garden in the United States was created in Rhode Island around the turn of the twentieth century. These living sculptures have been the focus of photographer Hope Kahn since 2010. Her fascination with evergreen yew clipped into cones, cubes, spirals, and many other shapes has led her to visit and photograph majestic gardens in Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. She is drawn to the poetic nature of topiary gardens and how they enhance the exquisite beauty, mystery, and symbolism of their surreal landscapes. This series focuses on the symmetry of forms found in beautifully structured gardens and how human interaction with nature can create playful, contemplative, and serene public environments

Contact Information

Cherry Hill, NJ
tel: 856-816-4241
e-mail: info@hopekahn.com
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Artist Bio

Hope Kahn has studied photography at University of the Arts in Philadelphia as well as workshops throughout the country. She holds a BS degree in Education and has taught photography to children in under privileged urban settings.

Hope has been utilizing and exploring alternative photography with a concentration on pinhole and plastic cameras. Her focus has been on the figure in the landscape, utilizing human and statues as her subjects.

Her work can be found in many public and private collections including Glaxo Smith Kline, Kerner & Kerner, The Rittenhouse Hotel, Sterling Drug Company, Price Waterhouse, Hoyle Morris & Kerr Attorneys and Numerous Private Collections. She has been published National Aperture Magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Lorel Marketing, Pace Advertising and a book cover with Russoli Books NYC.

Selected Exhibitions

Curious & Curiouser, Lightbox Photo Gallery, Astoria, OR
Juror: Blue Mitchell

Photography 33, Perkins Center for the Arts, Moorestown, NJ
Juror: Peter Barberie

The Photographic Nude 2014, Lightbox Photo Gallery, Astoria, OR
Juror: Mark Sink

Photographic Dreams & Fictions, Photo Place Gallery, Middlebury, VT

Photo⊕Craft 2, Lightbox Photo Gallery, Astoria, OR

Hope Kahn: Geometry in Nature, SFO Museum, San Francisco, CA

People, New York Center for Photographic Art, New York, NY
Juror: Thomas Werner
Juror Selection Award

Curious Camera Gallery, Tuscon, AZ
Honorable Mention

2012 – 2013
PHOTOENCAUSTICS, Gallerie BMG, Woodstock, NY

Women: Creativity and Faith, Appel Gallery, Katz JCC, Cherry Hill, NJ

Summers Past, Red Filter Gallery, Lambertville, NJ
Curator:Forrest Old

June Bateman Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY

Frameworks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Lorel Marketing
Pace Advertising


Curious and Curiouser: Photographic Dreams & Fictions Blurb Books
National Aperture Magazine
Philadelphia Magazine
The Philadelphia Inquirer
Ike the Cook, Book Cover, Russoli NY


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Glaxo Smith Kline
Kerner & Kerner
The Rittenhouse Hotel
Sterling Drug Company
Price Waterhouse
Hoyle Morris &Kerr Attorneys

Numerous Private Collections

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