Sara McCorriston

Fiber Arts/Installation/
Mixed Media/Sculpture & 3D/
Performance Art

From The Philadelphia Collection


Remember to Breathe

In Sara McCorriston’s installation, Remember to Breathe, wearable sculpture and fiber arts take form to explore both the garment and the minds of those who wear it. Remember to Breathe is the story of the seasons, a look into the beauty of nature, and a challenge to the day-to-day distractions that preoccupy our thoughts.


City Hall Installation


Hand in Hand


Disease Patterns


Additional Projects/Works


Contact Information

Paradigm Gallery + Studio
803 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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Artist Statement

I find that all of my work takes its roots from fiber arts, whether or not the materials are fiber based.  My process is typically a careful and meticulous one, often creating one thing out of many, sometimes identical, smaller elements.  In this way, these smaller elements can take on a new meaning and purpose in the work that is beyond their simplistic, practical identities.  In allowing the objects to redefine themselves through the creative process, sometimes the end result is very different from the original vision behind a piece, but the subject matter and purpose is kept at heart.  Much of my work is either wearable in some way or is interactive and serves as part of a larger installation or performance based presentation.  This mostly comes out of my background in costume and theatrical design.  I gravitated towards creating fine art as I grew as a designer and needed a place to express my own artistic vision separate from a performance-based work and without pushback from a director or choreographer.  In relation to this, I prefer to keep the stories behind my works subtle in order to let the viewer experience and interpret a piece in a personal way with the same freedom of expression and interpretation the artistic process has given to me.

Artist Bio

Sara McCorriston is originally from New Hope, Pennsylvania. She received her BFA in Theatrical Design and Technology from the University of the Arts in 2009.  Sara is a fibers, mixed media, sculpture, and installation artist as well as a costume designer.  She is co-founder of Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia and also works as a freelance visual artist and curator.  Her recent visual works have been displayed at various galleries and venues around Philadelphia including: Trust Gallery, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, URBN Gallery at 543, Broad Street Ministry, Paradigm Gallery, TrickGo Boutique, Masthead Print Studio and WAG.  Sara has designed for local theater and dance companies including: Brian Sander’s JUNK, Bright Light Theatre Company, Kun-Yang Lin Dancers, Group Motion Dance Company and MIRO Dance Theatre.


The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Awards and Honors

University Presidential Scholarship, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

W.W. Smith Scholarship, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Professional Experience

2010 – present
Co-Founder and Curator, Paradigm Gallery + Studio, Philadelphia, PA

2009 – present
Associate Technical Designer, Urban Outfitters Company, Philadelphia, PA

Selected Exhibitions

Remember to Breathe Garments, Performance, Installation and Seventeen Framed Works on Canvas, Paradigm Gallery +Studio, Philadelphia, PA

H x W x D, Paradigm Gallery +Studio, Philadelphia, PA

A Lesson in Collaboration, Masthead Print Studio, Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Collection 2011, WAG: Whole Animal Gym, Philadelphia, PA

RECOVER, TrickGo Boutique, Philadelphia, PA

Made in America Trust Gallery, Philadelphia, PA


Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia Campaign for 10,000 New Scholarships Art Auction, Urban Outfitters Gallery at 543, Philadelphia, PA

Dutch Umbrella Project Charity Art Auction, Hosted by HAHA Magazine, Philadelphia, PA

Halloween Fashion Show Hosted by Fabric Horse, Latvian Society, Philadelphia, PA



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