Holden Feinberg: Stein Auditorium

Friday, May 18, 6 pm at Stein Auditorium: Holden Feinberg will lead a panel discussion focused on raising awareness of local to global social issues. The panel discussion includes: Annmarie Cantrell, a chef and wellness educator of Maysie’s Farm Conservation Center who teaches about the importance of local, organic and sustainably produced foods; Evan Inatome, co-founder of Hanan World Ministries, a 501c3 humanitarian organization with a focus on disaster relief; and Jack Smith a certified anti-money laundering specialist and a faculty member at the George Washington University who served as Deputy General Counsel or General Counsel for three United States agencies: the FDIC, Federal Home Loan Bank Board and FCC. 111 Nesbitt Hall, 3215 Market Street, Philadelphia.