Inliquid Art Consulting

Collaboration with k YODER Design

InLiquid worked in collaboration with Architect Kevin Yoder, principal of k  Y O D E R  d e s i g n , llc architecture. interiors. to curate a collection for his revamp of a Society Hill townhouse originally designed by I.M. Pei. We selected work from seven InLiquid artists for the project:

Artists & Works

  • Bobbie Adams
    Works: Looking East, & Untitled
    “I have come to love the subjects of my childhood that I ignored back then – anatomy, physics, mathematics – and am intrigued with the challenge of portraying an essence or idea, of fundamental natural phenomena.”
  • Keith R. Breitfeller
    Works: Pale Hues 09M, Contemplative 9
    Keith uses figure to ground relationships to deliberately confuse the subject matter, allowing the viewer to find, him or herself, in the artwork.

    Brian David Dennis
    Works: High Castle, #9
    Brian studied at the Pennsylvania Academy and settled into mixed media. He later began to explore installation using the exhibition location as an essential part of the piece.

  • J Gordon
    Works: Eutopos, Outopos
    “My work is drawn from a sense of rhythm and flux within the landscape as it perceived and dreamt.”
  • Lee Lippman
    Works: Somewhere in Brooklyn
    “Whether Landscape, still life or figure, my work is always informed by the natural world.”
  • Michelle Marcuse
    Works: Carrying The Dreamer
    “My work involves imaginary worlds of Fairytales, Utopias and Dystopias.”
  • Rachel Zimmerman
    Works: 5 Negev, Israel prints
    In her role as Executive Director of InLiquid, she has created opportunities for independent artists and arts organizations, not only through the web site but through a series of curated gallery exhibitions in various locations.

Installation Gallery

InLiquid offers a variety of curatorial and arts management services. With a 15 year background in managing and curating exceptional art and design projects, as well as transitioning the careers of artists from emerging to established, InLiquid provides a level of experience both personalized and professional.