Inliquid Projects

Call It @ OCP

Call It, 2016, cardboard, filtered light

Brian David Dennis
January 27, 2017 – May 2, 2017

Old City Publishing vestibule
628 N. Second Street, Philadelphia

The installation explores the persistent core of memory and the need to stabilize it. Call It attempts to assign a fixed point to an ever shifting, but recurring fragment. The work originated with running through the woods as a child. The piece blends cardboard, iridescent film, aluminum and light.

Heavy breathed I dared remembrance to look.
Last time I stumbled on a carcass it wasn’t MY dog…
some stranger left it in the woods to rot,
left it in the woods for my run to find,
for my sneaker to get caught in it’s brittle ribs…

In a steeled room we hid to test this/heal this.

-excerpt Rabbit-Pit Diary
Brian David Dennis