Call for Entries

Deadline: October 20, 2016

While we’d like to see everyone drop by OFF THE WALL/Dirty Frank’s, it’s not always possible. That’s why our JURIED EXHIBITION ENTRY FORMS, which are available at our physical location (please come by and visit us!), also go up on our ISSUU library. In this case, the show in question is UNDER $100, which closes for entries in just 31 days, ON OCTOBER 20:


You can download, print and share from this location — as well as sharing the entry form on one or more of your social media feeds. (PLEASE DO if you’re so inspired!)

But not everyone is up for going through the steps needed to download and print out guidelines — and that’s why they’re also ATTACHED HERE AS A PDF.

The headline thus far in our current call for entries is that a number of you, in our ever-expanding community of artists and art lovers, are downright excited at the straightforward, simple approach we have opted for this time around. To recap, here is the opening copy from the aforementioned entry form…

Off the Wall Gallery’s 12th Annual Juried Exhibition, UNDER $100, seeks outstanding artwork across all possible media that is priced at $95 or less. (Let’s try to avoid $99.99!) That’s right: instead of the complex themes we often suggest for juried exhibitions, we’re aiming for a show featuring high-quality art that is highly affordable — just in time for the holidays!

By “all possible media,” we mean anything at all, encompassing 2D, 3D and multimedia. This includes paintings, drawings and photographs; work in textile and assemblage; sculpture of all kinds; work sourced from fine art materials and found objects; and digital creations, too.

By asking for “outstanding artwork,” we hope to inspire you to showcase your talents and strong suits with entries of the first order.

The jury will accept artists based on the quality of the work as presented electronically and a brief, two-sentence statement to the jury.

ENTRIES ARE DUE, either on disc or on flash drive, BY THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20. The show runs from November 13 to December 27, with a dropoff of accepted work to OFF THE WALL/Dirty Frank’s on Saturday, November 12.

It’s a $5 ENTRY FEE for each work submitted, and our jury will be awarding AT LEAST $500 IN CASH PRIZES. So visit your existing body of work, look around your studio and/or think about creating something new. We look forward to witnessing your creativity, enjoying your talents and originality (anew or for the first time), and considering your entries.


Opportunity posted on: September 20, 2016