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Director Of Dramatic and Performing Arts Position – Manyunk Roxboro Artist Co-op (MRAC)

Manyunk Roxboro Artist Co-op (www.mrartcenter.org) is seeking a Director Of Dramatic and Performing Arts. MRAC is a non-profit arts organization, largely supported through the volunteer efforts of its members. Ideal candidate for this position will be an individual seeking to develop a theater and living arts administrative background. This individual could be a practicing participant, or someone interested in the educational side of the living/dramatic arts. Dramatic director will formulate a unique vision for the Center. We would look for them to furnish creative leadership for staging productions, rehearsals and direction of an experience to the performers and community. Center is located within an established neighborhood, so we would expect that there would be some interest in a children’s program(s).
The space for development of a Dramatic art’s program is available, all we need is your ideas and energy. Our goal is to provide a meeting place for the artistic community and to connect those engaged in creative efforts with one another and the neighborhood at large.
For more information contact Joe Vescovich – 267.495.6165

Opportunity posted on: March 24, 2015