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Call for Art – American Paradigm Schools

Deadline May 1: Student and Artist Showcase:” #Selfie: Self-Awareness, Self-Imposed, Self-Worth”

We are looking for 1-3 artists to either submit previous work or create new work that will be shown with student work as well on May 29, 2015. This is an event will be held in our office in the Bellevue office in Center City Philadelphia.

The event is an intimate showcase to create an educational experience for the children participating, by allowing them to not only stand side by side with Philadelphia artists but also have the chance to create with them as well.

For more information please contact. Trevor Begnal via tbegnal@ap-schools.org or call (215) 735-6500.

About American Paradigm Schools
American Paradigm Schools is a non profit organization specializing in school management. And we currently serve three schools in Philadelphia, grades k-12 (First Philadelphia, Memphis Street, Tacony Academy).

Last December we hosted an Art showcase in our HQ office in the Bellevue for our students titled “Amalgamation “. We gave our students the theme of Amalgamation and told them to create whatever came to mind. The showcase not only featured art work from the students but also three local artists, Eric Remer, Brian Alley and Shane Leddy. During the show the artists and students were asked to collaborate on canvas for one piece that would “unite” the students and artists.

Here is a link to one of the art teacher’s experience with the showcase

Opportunity posted on: March 2, 2015