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Call for Art – Out of Frame

Deadline March 15: OUT OF FRAME is a curated online exhibition showcasing work defined as Disruptive Tech.
* dis-rup-tive (adj.) troublesome, unruly, badly behaved, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, wild

As part of Philly Tech Week 2016 (April 29th – May 7th), this project is seeking artists whose technology-based works disrupt systems. Websites, software, apps, twitter feeds, any tech-based works that disrupt with tech, through tech or in contrast to tech. Open to all artists!

Submission Guidelines:
A one-page description including an explanation on how this project demonstrates Disruptive Tech, with a link to the project live. Include your website and a one-page CV. Please use PDF format for all documents. NO submission fee. There will be a $10 participation fee for selected artists. Complete submissions are due Tuesday, March 15, to heitandhaikes@gmail.com.

Opportunity posted on: February 16, 2016