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Call for Artists – Art Dept


Here at the Art Dept., we believe community is just as important as the makers it supports. As such, we are thrilled to welcome Incarnate Cafe to Fishtown. We’d also like to help them enrich their space with the labors of local artists, and provide local artists with a new venue in which to share these labors.

As Incarnate Cafe prepares to keep the neigborhood caffienated, we, the Art Dept., are putting out an open call to artists of color for their inaugural show. We are looking for the right work to adorn Incarnate Cafe’s walls for their grand opening and the following month,. During this process we also hope to familiarize Incarnate Cafe with their creative neighbors and and introduce them to additional artists for future showings.

If interested, please send 3-5 jpegs at 72 dpi to exhibition@artdeptphilly.com no later than June 1st with “IC Open Call” in the subject line. Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!


The Art Dept. is a multi-faceted communal space, comprised in equal parts gallery space, boutique, workshop, and art supply store. Monthly exhibitions bring artists and their trades to the community while group classes serve to educate in skilled crafts. A shop section deals in local and handcrafted goods to both support creators and provide unique, superior quality hand-crafted goods. In our latest addition, we now carry art supplies to create a more convenient way for our community to get the tools they need to get creating.

The Art Dept. is a liason between artist and pedestrian, gallery and community.

Opportunity posted on: April 16, 2015