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Call for Artists – Automat Gallery

Deadline July 15: This August AUTOMAT has two open weeks that we want to give to you! Submit your proposals for pop-up shows, ambitious projects, performances, happenings – we want to see what’s cookin’ in Philadelphia!

Notification of Acceptance: July 22
Space Availability: August 12 – 25
Submission Guidelines

1. Project Proposal (1 page maximum): Please write a detailed description of what you are planning to do in our space and why you’re excited about it!
2. Images/Dimension Information: Please provide a detailed thumbnail sheet, websites, sketches or some form of visual aid to help us see your vision – the more we have the better we can understand your proposal!
3. Project Installation Plan: If needed, feel free to use the provided map to show us how you plan to use the space. Please tell us about any unusual installation needs.
4. CV
5. For Solo Show Proposals: please include an artist statement and bio

Please submit these items as one single PDF document to
automatcollective@gmail.com with the subject line WHAT’S COOKIN’ by 11:59pm
on July 15th.

AUTOMAT Provides:
-Installation/deinstallation assistance and basic tools
-Promotion: Facebook event creation, promotion via e-mail and 100 show cards (5 x 7”) free of charge. You are welcome to order more at your own expense.
-Gallery supervision – please note that the gallery is open from 2-6pm Saturday and Sunday and by appointment only. We will do our best to work with you to give your project maximum exposure. Please indicate any specific times or public programs you would like in your proposal.

You Provide:
-Show card design
-Any pedestals, wires or installation materials
-Transportation of work/materials to the space

Opportunity posted on: June 25, 2015