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Call for Artists – Hamilton Street Gallery

Deadline September 2: Einstein said, “Time is relative”, meaning that as the sun, the moon and the planets of our solar system naturally move forward, so does time. As a result of the earth’s rotation, or the speed of the ground beneath our feet, and according to your specific whereabouts on the planet, time is slightly different for each one of us. This phenomenon applies to mechanical devices as well as to our own inborn internal “clocks.” In fact, there are several atomic clocks located throughout the world that measure Cesium atomic ener getic conditions, which can calculate the accuracy of time right down to the millisecond. All of our cellphones, computers, Mickey Mouse and Rolex watches and Cuckoo clocks are linked to these super time pieces.

As earth’s population grows and our lives become more and more complicated and demanding, we find ourselves no longer in tune with our inherent clocks, disconnected with nature and moving faster and faster in a race with time.

For this juried exhibition we’re asking artists to submit work in any media that relates to the subject of time, such as th e beginning, middle and end, to good and bad times, to time clocks, time out, and time machines, to back then and to the here and now, for which Carl Sagan once said, “That we’ll never come again, is what makes life so sweet.”

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Opportunity posted on: August 18, 2015