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Call for Entries

Entry Deadline: Thursday, October 20, 2016

Off the Wall Gallery’s 12th Annual Juried Exhibition, UNDER $100 seeks outstanding artwork across all possible media that is priced at $95 or less. (Let’s try to avoid $99.99!) That’s right: instead of the complex themes we often suggest for juried exhibitions, we’re aiming for a show featuring high-quality art that is highly affordable—just in time for the holidays! By “all possible media,” we mean anything at all, encompassing 2D, 3D and multimedia. This includes paintings, drawings and photographs; work in textile and assemblage; sculpture of all kinds; work sourced from fine art materials and found objects; and digital creations, too. By asking for “outstanding artwork,” we hope to inspire you to showcase your talents and strong suits with entries of the first order. The jury will accept artists based on the quality of the work as presented electronically and a brief, two-sentence statement to the jury.

A completed entry, including digital images, a list of titles, media, framed sizes and prices, as well as a two-sentence statement to the jury speaking to your artwork, must be received on disc or flash drive by 12 midnight at Dirty Frank’s with sufficient cash payment for all entries ($5 per work).

 2D work when framed must be no larger than 48 inches in combined dimensions, while 3D work must fit easily in our case. You must supply images on disc or flash drive, together with framed titles, framed dimensions, media, prices, a statement and an entry fee of $5 per work. No entries of actual work will be accepted.

The following criteria apply to all submissions: Size your images properly. Please do your best to limit each file to one megabyte or less. Optimally, you should should submit JPGs that are 1000 pixels on the longest dimension. Title your images clearly, with names that make sense and correspond to actual titles. Include all the information we need (so we don’t have to return to you with questions!)—titles, framed dimensions, media, prices and a statement speaking to your work. Please note that we retain all files, on the assumption that the disc or flash drive on which the digital images have been submitted is not unique in any way and does not need to be returned.

The artist agrees that all work exhibited is for sale. Prices must be clearly stated and cannot change after acceptance. We will encourage sales and retain a 30-percent commission on all work sold.

Send or drop off entries and cash payment to:
Off the Wall Gallery
c/o Dirty Frank’s
347 South 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Download the PDF for more details and entry panel here. Direct any and all questions to offthewallgallery@gmail.com.

Opportunity posted on: September 21, 2016