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Call for Entries: Germantown Project

Entry Deadline: November 28, 2016

CONCEPT: The Germantown Project is sited at a pivotal intersection on the commercial corridor of historic West Chelten Avenue in Germantown. Historically a flourishing corridor, it is currently the site of efforts to improve the safety, public image, and practical infrastructural updates in order to encourage a more vibrant cultural and business corridor that will better serve Germantown residents, workers, businesses, and visitors. A mural that celebrates the unique assets Germantown has to offer will contribute to this effort. There was previously a Frank Washington mural on part of this wall that was lost due to necessary wall repairs. This offers an opportunity to re-envision a new mural for the site, one that reflects Germantown communities broadly and is welcoming to workers and other visitors to the neighborhood. Specific theme and style are yet to be determined.

-Create a Mural that celebrates Germantown: history, notable individuals, creativity, community
-Engage the local community and project stakeholders in the creation of the mural design
-Design a high-impact mural that feels complete while covering roughly 50% of the wall

SITE: The mural will be located on the façade of 164 W Chelten Avenue overlooking the IGA Market parking lot.

Full prospectus available here.

Submissions or questions should be addressed to: maude.haak-frendscho@muralarts.org

Opportunity posted on: November 9, 2016