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CALL FOR ENTRIES: How Would You Save the World in 1,000 Words?

Deadline April 28: That’s the premise of our 11TH ANNUAL COMMUNITY JURIED SHOW. For those of you who are used to our mid-year juried opportunities, the rules are the same as usual:
* You can enter up to five works in ANY AND ALL MEDIA.
* It is FREE TO ENTER — but, alas, there are no cash prizes.
* You should package all of your information in EMAILS SENT HERE, including: JPGs of your artwork (sized to be under 1 meg each), a two-sentence STATEMENT to the jury, FRAMED SIZES for 2D work (and complete dimensions for 3D work) and PRICES.
The ENTRY DEADLINE is THURSDAY, APRIL 28 at 11:59 PM. Accepted work needs to be delivered on SATURDAY, JUNE 3, and the show runs JUNE 5 through AUGUST 5, with a JUNE 9 Opening Reception.
So what’s the “1,000 words” about? No, we don’t need a lengthy essay (just a two-sentence statement). We’re operating on the age-old premise that a picture — or a sculpture, video installation or any 3D work — is worth (at the very least) 1,000 words.
And what do we mean by SAVE THE WORLD?!?

We draw our inspiration from the fact that the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL CONVENTION is coming to town during this show. But we don’t necessarily require you to submit a political platform in visual terms. We just need to know which issues MATTER MOST to you — and will, in your estimation, MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE.

Examples of possible approaches might include:
* Convention-worthy issues, such as climate change and the environment, education, the economy, foreign affairs and war…sure, you can go the strict political route.
* Quality of life issues, such as how our communications are monitored/privacy, what we eat/genetically modified foods, how we get our news/the death of newspapers…these are daily struggles for all of us.
* Softer quality of life issues, such as how dependent we are on technology, how relationships look different, how parenting is changing…these are universal tropes but creatively addressed, there may be something there.
* A focus on your surroundings, such as what cities need to do to invest in the future, why infrastructure (buildings, roads, bridges) is so important, how nature struggles against humankind’s continued encroachment…you need only walk down the street to find an inkling of this.
* The future, embodied by children, technology as a tool, outer space as a next frontier, anything you have in mind…after all, you’re saving the world for generations to come, right?!
These are just a few things that occur to us. You probably have your own ideas. We like to structure our themes to be as complex and open-ended as possible because WE WANT TO SPARK YOUR CREATIVITY!

As always, please let us know if you have questions — or come TONIGHT, 7-10 PM, to the OPENING RECEPTION for MARY LIZ MEMORIAL MASTERS EXHIBITION 12 — and ask away.

Send up to 5 jpgs, statement, framed sizes and prices to offthewallgallery@gmail.com.

Opportunity posted on: March 10, 2016