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Call for Entries – Silicon Fine Art Prints

Deadline November 29: We you can, YOU are the curator.
Send us an Instagram style* image and we will print, mount and hang it for our show opening First Friday December 4th.
There is a small entry fee to cover the cost of printing and mounting and all entries are guaranteed to be in the show. At the end of the show all entries will go in “The Permanent Collection of Silicon Gallery”.
There will be a “Best in Show” which will be featured in our window poster and printed at 40” x 40” (resolution dependent) and two runners up which will be printed at 22” x 22”.
Works in show will be for sale as an open edition and you will receive 50% of the proceeds and we will cover the cost of printing.
Entering is easy, just go to www.siliconfineartprints.com/instashow.html for details.
*Instagram Style can be any Instagram image (send us the URL) or any square format image. Minimum image size is 640 x 640 pixels, no maximum size.

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Opportunity posted on: November 10, 2015