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Call for Volunteers – Crane Arts

Sunday, August 30th, at the Icebox Project Space. Crescendo, by renowned London-based artist Ann-Marie LeQuesne, will feature volunteers organized by height, filing into the Icebox while speaking their initials. The sound will get louder and louder until everyone is in the space. The procession will then reverse and exit, with the sound becoming quieter and quieter until finally there is only a white wall and silence. The more participants there are, the more profound the “crescendo” and the impact of the piece. Come out this Sunday and join in this family-friendly event! The film of the performance will be part of a larger exhibition at the Icebox on October 8th, so participants will be able to return and see footage of their part in the performance.

Contact Jayne Allison, Assistant Director at Icebox Project Space at info@cranearts.com

Opportunity posted on: August 25, 2015