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Deadline April 30: The Downtown Springfield Inc. ART IN PLACE Committee in collaboration with Springfield Art Association and the Springfield’s Department of Public Works seeks artists and artist teams to design, create, and install crosswalk murals that inspire the paths in which they are found.
ART IN PLACE was created to enliven Downtown Springfield. Its purpose is to unify the artistic community while reaching out to the community. We hope to encourage pride in the city, to develop interest in its history and culture, while playing a role in the revitalization of downtown.

Project Details
The Creative Crosswalks call is open to all artists and artist teams in the United States. However, preference will be giving to artists in the Central Illinois region.

Site Selection
Site selection will be chosen in collaboration with the ART IN PLACE committee, Springfield’s Public Works Office, and the Artist. Artist may design a proposal for a specific crosswalk or may create a design to be used at any location to be determined by the committee.

Creative Crosswalk Sites for 2016:
1. Adams Street and 8th Street – West side of 8th crossing Adams Street
a. Width: (between transverse lines) 127.5” Length: (from curb to curb) 52’
b. Special Considerations:
2. Adams Street and 7th Street – West side of 7th crossing Adams Street
a. Width: (between transverse lines) 107.5” Length: (from curb to curb) 46.5’
b. Special Considerations:
3. Edwards Street and 7th Street – East side of 7th crossing Edwards
a. Width: 60” Length: (from curb to curb) 40’
b. Special Considerations: There are no transverse crossing lines at this crosswalk. Crosswalk must be painted no wider than the specified width between the sidewalk access ramps.
4. Jackson Street and 7th Street – West side of 7th crossing Jackson
a. Width: 92” Length: (from curb to curb) 38.3’
b. Special Considerations: There are no transverse crossing lines at this crosswalk. Crosswalk must be painted no wider than the specified width between the sidewalk access ramps.
5. Jackson Street and 6th Street– East side of 6th crossing Jackson
a. Width: 106” Length: (from curb to curb) 27.8’
b. Special Considerations: There are no transverse crossing lines at this crosswalk. Crosswalk must be painted no wider than the specified width between the sidewalk access ramps.

Design Specifications
1. 40% of the pavement must be exposed for traction
2. Design must have exposed pavement every 24 inches
3. All must have a 12 inch buffer between the legal white transvers crosswalk markings.
4. Artists are limited to the use of white, red, yellow, and/or blue paint only issued by the committee. Seal Master Liquid Thermoplastic Traffic Marking Paint will be used. The product can be applied with a brush, roller, or airless Spray equipment with stainless steel parts. Dry time is 5 minutes or less. We recommend the use of the spray equipment. Color mixing is not possible.
5. All designs must be able to be replicated by a stencil.
6. Designs may not include traffic or directional symbols (ie arrows, triangles, or octagons), numbers, or letters.
7. All projects must be completed in 8 hours to allow for the appropriate drying and curing time. If projects require longer execution time an agreement may be made with the committee to complete the crosswalk in two sections. Artist may obtain artist assistance to complete the mural however any assistants must be covered under the artists insurance. In some cases the city may require the crosswalk be painted in sections to allow traffic flow.

Selection Process
Artist selection will be based on artistic merit, community impact, relationship to the site, and strength of proposed design.
ART IN PLACE Committee will convene a selection panel, representing diverse interests and expertise, to review the designs and qualifications of artists who respond to this call. The selection panel will review the proposed design as well as submitted past work samples and artistic resumes and select the top design for each site. The artist’s references will be contacted. Once selected the committee will present the top designs to the City of Springfield’s Public Works Office for approval. Upon approval by the City, artists will be notified and sign an agreement with the ART IN PLACE committee.

How to Apply
All Applicants are required to submit a complete application that includes:
1. Artist(s)’ Contact Information including:
a. Name
b. Address
c. Phone number
d. Email
e. Website or social media link
2. Design proposal including:
a. Image of proposed design (2 – 5 images to show details as required)
b. Location for the proposed design (if any)
c. Written description of the design including the relationship to Springfield, the community, or the location.
d. Time needed for completed (ie. estimated painting time)
e. Availability for completion (ie June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, or any)
3. Images of Past Work – (5- 10) jpeg high resolution files. Max file size of 5MB
4. Artist(s) Bio
5. Artistic CV or Resume
6. References: Minimum 1 Artistic Reference and 1 Character Reference

Submit required material by email to creativecrosswalks@gmail.com before April 30, 2016 11:59 p.m. CST.

The Legal
Intellectual Property
The crosswalk design shall be the sole intellectual property of DSI which shall have the right to reproduce it and benefit from its commercial use in any and all ways DSI chooses including, but not limited to, posters, t-shirts and photographs. The artist shall have the right to sign the crosswalk in a manner acceptable to DSI. Additionally, the artist shall have the right to use photographs of the completed crosswalk in connection with the Artist’s professional marketing and promotion.

Prior to commencing work, the artist will provide to certificates of general liability insurance with limits of not less than $1MM individual/$2MM. The artist may also need to provide evidence of workers compensation insurance before work may commence.

The ART IN PLACE committee will pay for:
Crosswalk paint
Standard painting supplies including paint, brush, rollers, and paint trays.
In some instances the ART IN PLACE committee may be able to provide spray equipment.
In some instances the ART IN PLACE committee may be able to have a stencil of the crosswalk created for execution.

The Artist is responsible to pay for:
Any non-essential supplies
Payment for assistant labor (if used)
Damage to city property or equipment

• A $1, 000 – $1,500.00 honorarium (determined based on the size of the crosswalk) will be awarded to selected artists to cover all of the artist expenses and labor.
• Payments will be issued after to successful completion of the crosswalk mural.
• Payments will be made directly to Final Artists. Principals and fiscal agents of any kind are prohibited.
• Funds under this program may not be used to fund organizations, colleges, universities, or other government agencies.

Opportunity posted on: April 5, 2016