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Call for Alumni Bloggers – University of the Arts

No deadline: The Alumni Council at UArts has been in the process of developing a Blog as a way for alumni to share with each other their experiences and to offer advice to students and recent graduates, with the intention to help to make their transitions from student life to professional life less daunting. To date, we only have a small handful of posts and the success of this project is dependent upon active participation from our fellow alums. We are hoping to get a bunch of posts lined up for a launch of the blog in September. If you are willing to write a post, let me know and then send it to tjwalshartist@gmail.com. In addition, if you know of any other alums who might be interested, please feel free to pass this information along to them! Possible Alumni Blog Topics
– Personal career path, importance of continued professional development
– Pursuing a career in a field related to the field of study with additional education
– Pursuing a career in a field unrelated to the field of study
– Different definitions of “success”
– Survival skills for freelance arts professionals
– Different employment strategies for arts professionals (full-time, multiple part-time, full/part time + freelance, freelance/entrepreneurial ventures)
– Learning from mistakes and “failures”
– Networking (how the work you do and the relationships you make today can help you down the road)
– The importance of personal financial management in your career pursuit
– How to be an arts professional and have a life (time management, working strategies) and how to start thinking that way as a student
– Creating an online presence for yourself (how web site, LinkedIn and other social media can work together to produce results)
posted 6.2.2014

Opportunity posted on: June 2, 2014