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Call for Artist – Arcade Brewery

Deadline August 16: Chicago craft brewery, Arcade Brewery, announced today that they are launching their fifth label design challenge for their Public Brew™ series. The label design challenge is open to all artists and designers, regardless of where they live. The winner of the design challenge will receive $300 and get their design and name on every bottle of the beer that is brewed.
Last week, the brewery announced it would be brewing its fifth installment of Public Brew™. The beer will be Belgian India Pale Ale, brewed exclusively with hops from the southern hemisphere. Arcade Brewery’s community was then asked to generate a name for the brew; “Southern Hopisphere” was the eventual winning name. The beer will also be brewed in tandem with the Triptych Brewing Company, who will be brewing a Belgian IPA as well as their own facility (as friendly competition) .
Designers now have until August 16th at 11:59 PM CST to submit their designs to the brewery. Official rules, guidelines and templates can be found on Arcade Brewery’s website in the Public Brew™ section.
More about Public Brew™
The brewery’s first Public Brew™ was also their first production beer, titled “William Wallace Wrestle Fest™” (Scotch Ale). Although designs were submitted from across the country, the winning designer, Matt LaFleur, resided in Evanston, IL. Designer Conrad Javier won the brewery’s second challenge, conducted in October 2014 titled “Graveyard Shift™” (Coffee Pale Ale). The third challenge was won by Stephen Merlo for his design for “Dubbeltime™” (Belgian Dubbel with Cocoa Nibs) and the last challenge was won by Jason Castillo for his design for “Odyssey Hive™”.

Arcade Brewery brews and conducts a label design challenge for Public Brew™ quarterly.

Opportunity posted on: July 28, 2015