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Call for Artists – Art Raffle for Affordable Housing

Deadline April 22:
Art Raffle for Affordable Housing
Participate in an art raffle!
Eligibility: Any affordable 2D or 3D work priced from $100-150. All work must be original and ready to hang/install.
Suggested Application Fee: $5 or more to the cause. (http://bikeandbuild.org/rider/8326)
Submissions: All submissions must be jpegs clearly labeled “Last name_First name#.jpg” (ex. Fox_Julia1.jpg) All must be at least 72 dpi and no more than 5 MB. Please include the title, measurements, medium, and year each piece was completed on a numbered list of works that corresponds with the numbers on each Jpeg file.
Email all submissions to Julia Fox at JuliaLaurenFox@gmail.com.
Submission Due Date: April 22nd
Artist Selections: April 29th
Artwork Drop-off Dates: May 6th 4pm-9pm, May 7th 2pm-5pm
Event Date: May 8th
This event will be held in the Graduate Student Lounge (Main 010A) at Drexel University located in the basement of Main Building (3141 Chestnut Street).

***50% of funds raised from art will go towards Bike and Build, an organization which empowers young people and supports housing organizations such as Rebuilding Together and Habitat for Humanity. (100% of your application fee will go towards this cause)

Raffle Details
Patrons purchase a raffle ticket with an explicit choice of which work they would like to win. Raffle tickets will be sold over an extended period of time and a drawing will be held at the end of the event.
$10 tickets: at every multiple of $300 an additional ticket will be drawn.
The winner (patron) of the raffle will then get the piece they chose on their ticket.
All money made through tickets will be split 50-50 with charity and artist.
Minimum $75 for the artist, maximum $145 for the artist AFTER galleries 50% is taken.

Opportunity posted on: April 15, 2015