It captures your spirit. It’s that spirit that lead you to run a marathon, climb mountains in Bhutan, splash in the mud in your backyard, and spend a month in a Buddhist monastery in India. You’re not be afraid to wear dirty, worn in hiking boots, don sweat pants around the city, and show off your calloused unmanicured hands. Yet it’s that same spirit that allows you to be unabashedly feminine, crave softness and lace and comfort, appreciate candle lit dinners, and wear that black toile and velvet dress.

Emily Percival’s earrings decidedly harness and boast that raw spirit. It’s that incongruity, that complexity, that seductive ambivalence that defines you. A mixture of metal lines and circles, in perfect, harmonious balance, reflecting your contradictory nature. Emily herself is a rebel, a kindred spirit. As a 15 year-old punk rocker, she snuck into an adult metal smithing course, and the rest, as they say, is history. She received her BFA from Maine College of Art in 2006. She creates striking jewelry for “every grown up punk and refined rebel.”

Paul Santoleri

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