Art for the Cash Poor 2020 Vendor Application

Art for the Cash Poor 2020 Vendor Application

2020 Art for the Cash Poor
at NextFab

Saturday, September 12, 2020

What is Art for the Cash Poor?

Art for the Cash Poor is a fabulous annual block party-style event that allows you the chance to show and sell your work directly to the public in a lively social atmosphere.

The 21st installment of InLiquid’s Signature Summer Event Art for the Cash Poor returns to the American Street Corridor in Kensington just a few blocks north from our home at Crane Arts — Join us at the 1800 Block of North American Street at the new home of NextFab for a one-day art festival. 

Art for the Cash Poor is open to artists, designers, and crafters who make and produce their own work. All work is to be sold for $199 and below.

All participants are screened for quality and how they fit in with the event, submission does not guarantee acceptance. Artists may share a booth space at a discounted rate per each artist, each artist must be screened and accepted individually (we will not match artists for shared spaces).

Vendor Fees

There is a non-refundable $15 submission fee that is due at the time of submission, this cost will be deducted from your participation fee upon acceptance. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with screening the event.


Booth and Event Details

The event will take place predominately in the NextFab parking lot, with a limited number of spaces inside the NextFab building. The inside spaces will be a smaller footprint. Priority for inside set-up will be granted to vendors with health issues and those who’s work absolutely cannot be displayed outdoors. Requests for inside are not guaranteed and will be assigned.

They are in the finishing stages of construction at the location. More details on the inside set-up will follow later. 

Setup and Teardown

Vendor Responsibilities