Art for the Cash Poor 2021 Vendor Application

Art for the Cash Poor 2021 Vendor Application

Art for the Cash Poor 2021
On North American Street

Saturday, September 18, 2021, from noon – 6 pm

What is Art for the Cash Poor?

The 21st installment of InLiquid’s Signature Event Art for the Cash Poor returns to the American Street Corridor in Kensington. InLiquid is joining forces with NextFAB and the Clay Studio’s Clayfest for a multi-block artisan fair. The event is slated to span the length of N. American Street from the Crane on Master(1400 Block) to NextFAB’s home on Berks Street (1800 Block).

The 0.6 mile span will ensure that we can spread out accordingly to create the proper space needed in order to ensure safe social distancing.  The event will be set up so as to follow all CDC Guidelines, details and requirements might be subject to change given City and State requirements.

  • Art for the Cash Poor is an affordable art sale, that directly benefits visual artists, designers, and craftspeople.
  • All work priced under $200
  • All proceeds from art sales go directly to the artists
  • Open to Artists, Designers, & Crafters

Art for the Cash Poor is open to artists, designers, and crafters who make and produce their own work. All work is to be sold for $199 and below.

All participants are screened for quality and how they fit in with the event, submission does not guarantee acceptance. Artists may share a booth space at a discounted rate per each artist, each artist must be screened and accepted individually (we will not match artists for shared spaces).

Vendor Fees

  • $150 for individual artist vendors
  • $100 each for shared space (vendors are marketed and screened individually)
  • $200 for Non-profit Art Organization Vendors

There is a non-refundable $15 submission fee that is due at the time of submission, this cost will be deducted from your participation fee upon acceptance. This fee covers the administrative costs associated with screening the event.


  • 20 event postcards/flyers, as well as a jpeg announcement and web graphics provided by InLiquid
  • Event publicity by InLiquid including postcard mailing, press releases, social media, ads, and more!
  • Listing on the AftCP Web Feature, which will include your name, sample image of your work and link to your website, if included on your application.

Booth and Event Details

The event will take place outside along North American Street.

Setup and Teardown

  • Outside spaces are 10′ x 10′ (depth by width).
  • Vendor tents will be on pavement and must be weighted to secure in inclement weather.
  • Participating vendors will be assigned a staggered load in times leading up to the event.
  • Breakdown may only commence after the day is over (6 pm).
  • Tables & Chairs may be rented for an additional fee.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • We request that all vendors be vaccinated. This is for the safety of yourself, your patrons, and your fellow artisans. 
  • Vendors are required to bring hand sanitizer, and or other PPE protection.
  • Pre-event set-up and post-event clean-up of individual space.
  • Properly manage the booth at all times during the course of the event.
  • Providing your own 10×10 tent/space coverage. This is mandatory for outside vendors – we do not want our vendors getting Heatstroke
  • Bringing tables and chairs (unless rented through InLiquid)
  • No tables or other set-up materials should exceed the space provided for you.
  • Bringing tablecloths, free-standing display racks, and walls if necessary
  • Provide your own change for purchases.
  • Provide any bags or necessary materials to wrap your work.