Jasmine Alleger

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Philadelphia, PA 19129

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Painting/Mixed Media

Artist's Statement

For years my work has focused on representing acute details of my everyday life. Past work combines collaged found materials with painted imagery, collected or photographed within the coarse of my daily routines. In a sense, I was creating personal journals of particularly mundane aspects of my life. With an interest in elevating the banal and celebrating routine, several bodies of work formed.

But what happens when I step out of my everyday to holiday in a foreign country? In October 2015, I spent ten days exploring the Yucatan, Mexico. With the opportunity to slow down and observe another culture new to me, I could speculate about daily life outside of my own. I sat in parks, restaurants, street corners, bars and bus stops filling sketchbooks. I walked for miles taking photographs, with no artistic plan in mind.

Upon returning home, several qualities stood out in my memory. First where the gorgeous hand painted floor tiles, that in this region seem common place, but to me stood out as a special characteristic. The hundreds of vintage looking VW Bugs (which where manufactured in Mexico until 2003, as the Vocho model) that reminded me of my childhood, riding in a ’74 Super Beatle on the California highways. The layers and layers of visible deteriorating paint, on homes and buildings that could be viewed as disrepair but to me seemed like abstract paintings representing years past. Finally there were the graveyards with peculiar shrine like grave markers that I have never seen elsewhere: commonplace to the locals and a representation of daily life past.

With this material fresh in my memory (and my camera), I set out to work on a series of visual depictions of a culture I merely had snap shot witness to. Over the following year, three bodies of work emerged: The Bugs of the Yucatan – VWs coupled with floor tiles, Histories – peeling house paint joined with grave makers, and A Remembered Visit, which was in progress a year after returning from the trip. After that much time, I felt disconnected from Mexico and decided to use an earlier painted Mexican tile pattern with flowers I recently photographed while visiting my childhood hometown in California, joining a region that I have become a visitor to with a region that I will only ever be a visitor to.

Selected Exhibitions

Annual Juried Show, Pagus Gallery, Norristown, PA

Petite, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY

B Square Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Industrial Philadelphia Past and Present, The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series, The Painted Bride, Philadelphia, PA

30×30, Blue Line Art, Roseville, CA

I Remember, Snippet & Frame, Philadelphia, PA

The Symbiotic Relationship, Fine Arts Center Gallery, Montgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA

Taste: Food For Thought, The Art Trust Gallery, West Chester, PA

Say: Words Within Works, The Art Trust Gallery, West Chester, PA

Graduate Thesis Exhibition, Levy Gallery for the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Feast Your Eyes, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Sneak Peek, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

2×2 Show, Fringe Salon and Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Starting Journeys, Art Space Landsdale, Landsdale, PA

NASAD/ Mid-States Show, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Artist's Bibliography

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Professional Experience

Assistant Draftsman, “Wall Drawing 790 A,B,C,D,” Sol LeWitt Estate, Franklin Square Capitol Partners, Philadelphia, PA

MLK Day of Service Mural, Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy
MLK Day of Service Mural, Al Aqsa Hebrew Academy

Artist Assistant for Paris Stancell “Mural at 34th & Cumberland,” City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA

Lead Artist, MLK Day of Service Mural at Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy, City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia, PA

Awards and Honors

Artist Residency, Burren College of Art, Country Clair Ireland

Lectures and Talks

River City High School, West Sacramento, CA


Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA
MFA, Studio Art

Portland State University, Portland, OR
BS, Fine Art