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Conversations with Buffalo Grass (Amongst Others)

To Reside Unsettled


Artist's Biography

Austen Camille (she/her) is an artist, curator, carpenter and arts organizer currently based between Alvin, TX, and Philadelphia, PA. Camille received her MFA in painting at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, in 2020. She has shown work at Blackfish Gallery and the Bamboo Grove Gallery in Portland OR, at Camino and VAR Gallery in Milwaukee WI, throughout the towns of Reedsburg WI, and Dayton WY, and at the Woodmere Art Museum, Stella Elkins Gallery, and InfoSpace Gallery in Philadelphia PA. She has received public art commissions in Reedsburg, WI and Friendswood, TX. Camille has attended residencies at the Wormfarm Institute, Jentel, and the Tongue River Artist Residency, and is a current collaborative artist-in-residence with Anna Dakin through the Arts Territory Exchange.

Artist's Statement

The two questions I am consistently drawn to are: On a personal scale, what relationship to land/place can be formed if I am in constant motion? And more broadly, how does one represent human-land relations in a time of urgent ecological crises? The intersection between construction, land(scape), utility, and people’s desire to both care for and control their spaces is the result of growing up in my family’s hardware store and garden center, alongside my current occupation as a carpenter and land steward. Gardens may be more permanent constructions than homes - both are architecture.

I am curious about actions of belonging and ownership, and the uncertainty of the term ‘home’. Building materials - glass, drop cloths, house paint, plaster - often form the substrate of the work. I grind minerals, pigments and earth to create my paints, to cover or soak into the support structure. I take walks to collect small natural and human-made objects, and embed these markers of place into the work. I take photographs of colors, of textures that describe a place. My sculptural work relies on suggestions of balance and interconnectedness to stay together in precarious relations. I often employ poetic language to express understandings of geographical, political, economic, ideological structures, in order to render these -scapes subjective, changeable, rather than factual or given. No matter the form, I am questioning my body’s shifting relationship to land in real time.

While maintaining my artistic practice, I am also invested in transdisciplinary projects that focus on community-building through the physical act of sharing time and space. Anything that crosses disciplinary lines is predicated on listening, sharing and forming empathetic knowledge. Whether this is manifested in material exploration (ie: how does one material respond to another), or within a conversation between two people, it is a process that allows for connections between seemingly unlike things to be formed. In all parts of my practice, I work to create or unearth these connections. Most importantly, I care deeply about spaces of quietude and slowness - rarities right now. I seek that space for myself in the process of making, and hope to create it for others in the process of experiencing.

Selected Exhibitions

Conversations with Buffalo Grass (Amongst Others), Dayton, WY
Exhibition and walking tour throughout the town

To Reside Unsettled, Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
MFA Thesis Exhibition

The Sanctuary (An Installation), Warehouse Row, Reedsburg, WI

Viewed by Another Species, Information Space Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
With Alexandria Nazar

An Inch of Nature, Stella Elkins Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
With Quinton Maldonado

Certain Ground, Online exhibition
Curator: Tausif Noor

2020 Tyler MFA Painting, Massey Klein Gallery, New York, NY

Middle of Nowhere, Whitesbog Historic Village, Browns Mills, NJ
Curator: David Kessler

The Woodmere Annual Juried Exhibition “Second Nature: The Poetics of Re-presentation”, The Woodmere Art Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Juror: Eileen Neff

Printmaking, Var Gallery, Milwaukee WI

A Season of Soil, Reedsburg, WI
2015 Season Artist Residency Show

Retail space commission: Designing & executing a children’s section in Friendswood Hardware, Friendswood TX

Wormfarm Institute's Fermentation Festival Farm/Art DTour, Reedsburg, WI
To Re-Wild included in Festival

Public Art Commission: To Re-Wild, Reedsburg, WI
Commissioned by Reedsburg Artslink

Public Art Commission: Crosswalk, Reedsburg WI
Commissioned by the City of Reedsburg

Public Art Commission: Mural, Reedsburg WI
Commissioned by the Reedsburg Farmer’s Co-op

Curatorial Projects

Testing Grounds, Cherry and Race Street Pier, Philadelphia, PA

A Process of Belonging, KnC Co-Working Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Artist's Bibliography

Crimmins, Peter, "Cherry Street Pier opens its largest public art exhibition since pandemic began," WHYY, October 10, 2020

Noor, Tausif, "On Groundedness," August 2020
Written for online exhibition Certain Ground

Featured Artist, Open Window, May 2020


TINGE Magazine, Issue 16, Spring 2019
Cover image, Like a river taking advantage of itself to get away for a little while

Professional Experience

2020 - Present
Center for Humanities at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Developing and hosting podcast series, Our Shared Field

Refugia Designs Ltd., Philadelphia, PA
Landscaper and carpenter for native plant landscaping company

2018 - 2020
Fabrication assistant for Andrew Jevremovic, Octo Studios, Philadelphia, PA


2020 - Present
Collaborative residency with Australian artist Anna Dakin through the Arts Territory Exchange (aTE), a program comprised of a global network of artists and art practices which respond to the geography of their territory of production

Tongue River Artist Residency, Dayton, WY

Jentel Arts Foundation, Banner, WY

Wormfarm Institute, Reedsburg, WI

Awards & Grants

Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Dean's Grant Recipient
For publication I Brought My Own Mountains/I Brought My Own Rivers

2019 - 2020
Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Center for the Humanities at Temple (CHAT) Grant and General Activities Funding Recipient

Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Temple University Interdisciplinary Funding Award Recipient

2018 - 2020
Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Odili Odita Fellowship Recipient


2018 - 2020
Tyler School of Art and Architecture, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
MFA, Painting

Reed College, Portland, OR
BA, Art