Veronica Constable

Veronica Constable


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Artist's Biography

Veronica Constable has a BFA in Fine Arts and minors in Spanish, visual studies, and art history from Cornell University. During her time as an undergraduate, she pursued various interests such as psychology and sociology as a means of maintaining an interdisciplinary practice. She has worked with a variety of artistic institutions and artists, both locally and abroad.

Artist's Statement

As an artist, I aim to not only change the dialogue concerning art and accessibility on a global scale, but to also introduce previously ignored issues such as abuse and trauma which refuse to adhere to a specific group - to engage on a human level. I am interested in using the gaze as a tool to simultaneously establish and question notions of agency and control deriving from historical legacies of objectification of women and children. By creating life-sized drawings of my sisters and presenting them on the floor, I am encouraging the viewer to consider two critical ideas — the vulnerability stemming from the way in which the work is presented, and the way in which this vulnerability alters the perception of not only the work, but the subject of the work as well.

Selected Exhibitions

The Narcissistic Family, Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery, Ithaca, NY

9 Images, Hans Bethe House, Ithaca, NY

A Show of Hand, Olive Tjaden Experimental Gallery, Ithaca, NY

Raw, Milstein Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Cornell Women’s Council Symposium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Milkshake, Olive Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY

BFA Thesis Show, Olive Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY

26 Broadway, Olive Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY

Mostra dei lavori, Palazzo Lazzaroni, Rome, Italy

26 Broadway, New York, NY

Sopralluogo, Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy

BFA '17 Show, Olive Tjaden Gallery, Ithaca, NY

Artist's Bibliography

"B.F.A. Thesis Group Show: Milkshake," AAP Cornell, 2017

"Veronica Constable: The Narcissistic Family," AAP Cornell, 2016

"Work by Veronica Constable," AAP Cornell, 2016

Professional Experience

Allison P. Cheng Curatorial Intern, Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Ithaca, NY

Video and Photography Intern, Cornell Hillel, Ithaca, NY

Gallery Intern, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

MuralArts Intern, Assistant to James Burns, Philadelphia, PA

Ann Craven Studio Assistant, New York, NY

Awards and Honors

Dean’s List, Cornell University, NY

Charles Baskerville Painting Award, Cornell University, NY

Albert Murray Scholarship, Cornell University, NY

Robert W. Jackson Family Award, Cornell University, NY

Edith Stone and Walter King Memorial Prize, Cornell University, NY

Dean’s List, Cornell University, NY

AAP Einaudi Travel Grant, Cornell University, NY

David R. Bean Prize for Study Abroad, Cornell University, NY

Charles Roy Davis Endowment, Cornell University, NY


College of Art, Architecture, and Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
BFA, Minors in Spanish, Art History, and Visual Studies

Cornell University, New York, NY
New York City Semester

Cornell University, Rome, Italy
Semester Abroad