Lisa DiNoia: Ocean Edge Designs Jewelry

Artist's Statement

Lisa DiNoia is the Pennsylvania based jewelry artist behind Ocean Edge Designs creating handcrafted wire wrap, wire sculpture and metalwork jewelry designs using Argentium Silver and other recycled fine metals. She features sea glass from the ocean edges of the world in her creations. Carefully, selected by her, she only looks for vintage ocean tumbled sea glass and other found objects from reputable collectors from around the world. Other natural and raw semiprecious and precious gemstones are also a part of her collection.

Each piece of jewelry Lisa makes is unique and original in design. You will not find identical items or the same pieces elsewhere, because even if she makes a similar piece from her own collection, something is tweaked to make the piece different.

In keeping with her environmental values, Lisa uses, *ARGENTIUM Silver, a premium sterling silver is 100% recycled from fine silver. Argentium silver is a premium silver, highly tarnish resistant, offers superior strength than traditional sterling silvers and is whiter and brighter than white gold and platinum. When she combines Argentium sterling silver with sea glass and other found object you a getting a true 100% Eco-friendly piece of fine jewelry to add to your special jewelry collection.