Patti Dougherty (Jewelry)


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Artist's Statement

In my years as a visual artist I have chosen symbolic forms that are both universal and personal to express the idea of “time.” Often I use nests, eggs, marine creatures, and one-celled organisms. They are symbols for natural phenomenas that manifest this notion of time. I have reinterpreted these forms in states of birth and decay, remnants of our primeval past and our endangered future. My visual vocabulary is derived from many sources, some are apparent, some are obscure. Most are abstractions to allow the viewer to ponder the creatures and events or the possible patterns they embody.

It is a privilege to be close to the natural world. After college I traveled to South America, Italy, Greece, Egypt, and England to study the history of glass, ancient civilizations, and the natural world. Those adventures have informed my work and inspired me to keep a journal with drawings, notes, found objects, and specimens.

After graduate school, I started a small business making glass beads and jewelry. Currently, many of the subjects of my work, both in painting and in glass, reside in Bonaire about ten feet under the Caribbean Sea. I have been a volunteer “reef surveyor” for Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire ( During this scientific study I am a “spotter” of sea turtles and a variety of marine creatures. This allows me to gather mental images and ponder the many species of coral that exist in the underwater world, noting both their abundance and condition. It allows me to focus on threatened or endangered species. After seeing a specific sea creature, I do a painting from memory. In this way, I can carefully examine a specimen taking note of its habitat and the environmental challenges it faces. Ultimately, what I study is reinterpreted in glass, jewelry, and now in paintings on paper. The ever-changing seascape and creatures are the subjects, and I marvel at the minute details, textures, and movements. Through my art, I visually capture an iconic creature engage viewers and remind them of our fragile marine environment.

Selected Exhibitions

Drifters and Wanderers, Abington Art Center, Jenkintown, PA

National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

Gravers Lane Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Glass Invitational 2012, Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts, Millville, NJ

Reflections in Glass, Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

It's All About the Beads, Pismo Glass Gallery, Denver, CO

Materials: Hard and Soft, Denton Museum, Denton, TX

Focus on Glass: The Challenge, Gallery East, Loveland, CO

Beadwork in America 2000, Haydon Gallery, Haydon, NE

Contemporary Beads from America, Ebeltoft Glasmuseum, Denmark

Beadwork Beyond Boundaries, Denton Museum, Denton, TX

Contemporary Jewelry Show, Rockwell Museum, Corning, NY

1986 - 1989
As Good As Gold Contemporary Jewelry, Renwick Museum, Washington, D.C.


"1000 Glass Beads"

"Beads of Glass"

"Art Glass from Urban Glass"

Ornament Magazine

Glass Magazine

Awards & Grants

Leeway Foundation Window of Opportunity Grant

Artist in Residence, PA Council for the Arts

Belber Award for Jewelry

Woodmere Museum – Sculpture

Philadelphia Dresses the World – Jewelry

PA Council for the Arts – Visual Arts


Mt. Royal Graduate School of Painting, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD
M.F.A. in Painting

Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Elkins Park, PA
B.F.A. in Glass