Eva E. Glassworks (Eva Shelley)

Eva E. Glassworks (Eva Shelley)

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    1400 North American Street, Suite 310, Philadelphia, PA 19122

    Eva Shelley

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    Once you find something that truly moves you, if can enhance your personal life, encourage you to grow, and leave you wanting more. That's what glass does for me. It's my first love. It's given me life and joy. And I know that comes through in my work.

    My name is Eva Shelley and I've been working with glass since 2000. I started by taking private lessons at the Crefeld School, a private high school in Philadelphia. I then took individual glass classes at Salem Community College in New Jersey. From there, I attended Temple University's Tyler School of Art, majoring in glass, and graduating in 2005 with a bachelor of fine arts (BFA). My focus at Tyler was furnace work, and I also learned both hot and cold casting, as well as fused and slumped glass.

    Since graduating, I have been a freelance glass artist, creating glass art and glass jewelry. I've worked on a variety of different projects including pieces of jewelry for loved ones, glass sculptures for events, and company gifts for employees.