Golden Key Prints (Scott Holford)

Golden Key Prints (Scott Holford)


Philadelphia, PA

Examples of all work available upon request.


Artist's Biography

Scott Holford is a practicing artist and art educator in the Philadelphia region. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking with a Teaching Certification from Tyler School of Art in 2011, and a Master of Education from Cabrini University in 2016. Since 2012, he has taught art at Beverly Hills Middle School in the Upper Darby School District. He is sole proprietor of Golden Key Prints, a business he started in 2016. Under GKP, Scott participates in over 30 local art shows and festivals annually. Scott uses a variety of printmaking techniques in his work, but most notably etching and screenprinting. He is Programming Coordinator at Second State Press- where he has exhibited and produces the majority of his prints.

Artist's Statement

I am a printmaker. I enjoy working with my hands to create pieces of art that reflect the tangibility that comes with printmaking, as well as the abstraction that comes with the evolution of an idea. There are multiple other dichotomies that can be found and interpreted throughout my body of work because, as with all things, there is never one right answer. Printmaking forces me to confront this issue by the making of multiples born from a single image, each serving as a relic of the event. Most artists commit themselves to an idea, often drafting several times before a rendition is created. However, in most of my work, the creation of the initial image is the least time-consuming portion of this process. Instead, I bide my time in its replication. I find it to be a more honest way of making work, complete only when imperfections are included.

Printmaking is a very laborious process. I believe it is important to include information about the surface being worked with. It is my goal to convey the physicality involved in the repetitive nature that my marks are made and through the movement they collectively form. It is through this mark-making that I can create two very different works of art and have them exist within the same space. Whether representational or abstract, my work is reliant on viewers to draw their own conclusions and interpretations.

My largest body of work is a collection of animal etchings. The idea behind my animal etchings originally came to be through my fascination with anthropomorphism and personification. Anthropomorphism and personification deal with man's relation to and differences from animals. I spent time contemplating the shared traits of both, as well as the differences between them. When I began the project, I thought of them as ‘spirit animals’ represented in a classic silhouette, mimicking portraits of people. Each was and continues to be made in a series of four, using the same constraints-size and a forward-facing profile view. First, I personally attributed one to my immediate family, my friends, and myself. After used for my own reasons, the existing plates were re-purposed and expanded on for others to mix and match prints and attribute to their own families and friends, allowing them to reflect on their own perceptions of each animal and ultimately what (if anything) we have in common with what is wild.

Selected Exhibitions

Featured Artist of the Month, nice things... handmade, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Artist of the Month, Art on the Hill, Souderton, PA

Featured Artist of the Month, American Sardine Bar, Philadelphia, PA

30, Earth Bread & Brewery, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Artist of the Month, Wissahickon Brewing Company, Philadelphia, PA

The Artist as Educator, Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Second State Press: Prints We Made, The University of the Arts Printmaking Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

7th Annual Member Print Exchange, Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA

Fob Holder Show, Second State Press, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Campaign 2 Sustain, AIGA Philly, Ice Box Gallery, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

InLiquid Benefit, Ice Box Gallery, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Quarter Sheet Challenge, Second State Press, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Exhibitions Curated
Owls in the Temple/The Temple After Dark, Temple Performing Art Center, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

Professional Experience

2018 - Present
Programming Coordinator
Second State Press, Philadelphia, PA

Sole Proprietor
Printing with a Pint, Philadelphia, PA

2016 - Present
Sole Proprietor
Golden Key Prints, Philadelphia, PA

2012 - Present
Art Teacher, 6-8th grade
Beverly Hills Middle School, Upper Darby School District, Upper Darby, PA


1st Place, Drawing and Illustration, Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts, Philadelphia, PA

1st Place, 2D and Illustration, Pennridge Gallery of the Arts, Sellersville, PA

People’s Choice Award, Campaign 2 Sustain, AIGA Philly, Ice Box Gallery, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA


20, 24" x 24", Abstract Woodcuts, Avi Hotel Largo, Largo Town Center, MD


Cabrini University, Radnor, PA
Master of Education with Distinction
Instructional II

Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking
Minor in Art History, Teaching Certification in Art K-12