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Philadelphia, PA 19148

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Sculpture & 3D

Stick House Series

The Stick House series is inspired by a recurring dream where I discover additional rooms or spaces in a past or present home. The series originally manifested as an examination of the simplified symbol for house—the “stick figure” version. The structures also embody an expression of memory as a house, building, or attic containing different spaces filled with images, information, and emotion.

I am interested in how the lines simultaneously express relationships and community but also separation. Each stick connects to the others with a solid and specific line, yet is also precariously attached and could snap if enough force is applied.

Over time the series has evolved to incorporate wire, fabric, branches and other articles to explore how the juxtaposition of the articles with the stick structures can influence the viewer’s perception in the same way that the skeletal quality of these pieces allows for the direct influence of context. The wall where each hangs (be it painted, brick, patterned, window, etc.) can change the nature of the piece significantly in the same way a viewer’s preconceptions influence his or her reaction to a piece of art.


Still Life Paintings

The still lives incorporate objects found in my home and studio. The cigar boxes evoke my interest in collecting and my tendency to compartmentalize. I am attracted to the juxtaposition of hard surfaces (wood, plastic, glass) against soft or fluid ones (plants, fabric).
I both enjoy and struggle with the process of selecting a still life composition. The composition is the armature for the painting and sometimes deciding on the arrangement of the still life takes as much time as painting it does.

Still life painting is contemplative and meditative for me, and I find the act of painting and drawing in this context serves as a compass that connects me back to my artistic core. It is this circling back to the ritual of rendering in my own style, space, and time that allows room for new ideas to percolate and develop.

Artist's Biography

A Pennsylvania native, Alice grew up outside of Harrisburg, PA and has been based in Philadelphia since 2001. Alice has taught art in a variety of settings including the Children’s Museum of Richmond and the Medical College of Virginia (Pediatric Playroom and Adult Chemotherapy Ward).

In addition to being a visual artist, Alice is the Senior Manager of Family Learning for Please Touch Museum, developing multidisciplinary educational experiences and theater shows for families with young children. She has appeared as a professional performer and puppeteer for over a decade, and currently serves as an at-large board member for the Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild.

Selected Exhibitions

Homebody, Fringe, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Artist: Alice Gonglewski, Tessare Gallery and Studio, Philadelphia, PA

Featured Artist: Alice Gonglewski, The 10th Muse, Harrisburg, PA

Inside Out, The Blue Bottle, Richmond, VA

Tri-Cycle: Recent Work in Three Directions, Ipanema Cafe, Richmond, VA

Macro/Micro, Le Hole in the Wall, Richmond, VA

Closer Look, Commercial Tap House and Grill, Richmond, VA

Beans and Things, Christie’s Café, Richmond, VA

Featured Artist: Alice Gonglewski, Border’s Books and Music, Philadelphia, PA

Coupling, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Excellence in Abstract Art award recipient

Ties That Bind, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Déjà Vu, Off the Wall Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Fleisher: 4x6 Inches of Art, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Bicycle: People + ideas in motion, Goldie Paley Gallery, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia, PA

Bike Part Art Show, Studio 34, Philadelphia, PA

Free Tibet Art Auction, Juice Design, San Francisco, CA

Art of the State 2003, The State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, PA

International Miniature Invitational Exhibition, Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA

Frostick / Fortenberry / Gonglewski, Artspace Gallery, Richmond, VA

Richmond Public Library, Richmond, VA

Three Painters and a Potter, Pennsylvania Arts Festival, Antes Gallery, State College, PA

Professional Experience

Instructor, Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia, PA
Instructor, Children’s Museum of Richmond, VA
Instructor, MCV Arts in the Hospitals, Richmond, VA
Instructor, Good Shepherd Episcopal School, Richmond, VA


Featured image: “Steer” Grid Magazine, August 2009: 6.
Featured image: “Synergy” Style Weekly Magazine, 3 July 2001: 42.
Featured image: “Emergence” Punchline Magazine, 12 April 2001: 14.


Ms. Lisa Reily
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Owen
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Hester


Lail E. H. Millwork, Chesterfield, VA
Cactus Café, Richmond, VA
HAJOCA Corporation, Richmond, VA

Numerous Private Collections


Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA
BA, Arts and Sciences

Continuing Education
1995 - 2001
Figure Drawing Studio Member, Virginia Commonwealth University