Matthew Hall

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Phone: 801-647-3298

Philadelphia, PA

Book Arts / Printmaking

Artist's Statement

I am interested in narrative. Specifically, what we infer with limited amounts of information available to discern what transpired. I choose small moments—which I have observed—and then combine them to create a narrative flow. Drawing and writing both operate as visible language in my work. Neither offers perfect communication, nor the ability to recreate reality in its entirety. Both offer different paths and implications to meaning. Using text and images in the same space entangles our experience of interacting with both.

My gestural drawings capture aspects of experience instead of a naturalistic rendering. They reinterpret the experience both as I see it, and within my use of the image as a visual narrative element. This style of drawing, that interprets experience as fleeting in nature, creates an expression from small highlights. These vignettes demonstrate idiosyncratic moments, rather than describe all the details of the experience. I find value in moments of pause or loneliness, e.g. someone searching for their keys, standing in line, waiting for a friend to arrive, or even stumbling for a word.

Each narrative I create builds around the viewer’s ability to bring their own world to the work, apply their own understandings, and take the narrative into their own world as they do. I present images, and vignettes of moments, compiling several moments into a narrative. The viewer’s understanding of my work comes through their own life story, and different elements resonate for their own reasons.

These understandings build slowly. The contrast between drawings that happen quickly and ideas that build slowly become important to the viewing of my work. The restrictions to the visual space in my work, whether by cropping or by gestural representation, initiate the process of discovery by asking the viewer to participate by translating the marks into familiar visual space. The transitions between visual elements, gradual and abrupt, suggest a narrative. The display of a series in ways that ask a viewer to move through those visual transitions without seeing the whole space at once reinforces a slowly generated meaning in my books and print series.

Selected Exhibitions

Fragments – 3rd Street Gallery, Solo Show, Philadelphia, PA, June 2015
InLiquid Benefit v. 15 – Crane Arts, Ice Box and Grey Space Philadelphia, PA, February 2015
Outside the Margin Book Arts Exhibition – Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, Silver Springs, MD November 2014
POST – 3rd Street Gallery, group exhibition, Philadelphia, PA October 2015
Moment & Line Inliquid @ Engagement Studios, Philadelphia, PA November 2014–February 2015

POST 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA October 2014
Paper Works Art Dept., Philadelphia, PA October 2014
Art For the Cash Poor 15 Crane Arts, Ice Box and Grey Space Philadelphia, PA, June 2014
80 Years, 80 Artists Menlo College Spring 2014
InLiquid Benefit v. 14 – Crane Arts, Ice Box and Grey Space Philadelphia, PA, February 2014

Member's Show – InLiquid, Second State Press, Philadelphia Photo Arts, Crane Arts, Ice Box and Grey Space Philadelphia, PA, August 2013
Novice Oculi Crane Arts, Ice Box and Grey Space, Philadelphia, PA, July 2013
I crawled inside the book and made it my home. Edwin W. Zoller Galler, The Pennsylvania State University, March 2013.

Committing Humor Borland Gallery The Pennsylvania State University, December 2012
Plant To Print Borland Gallery The Pennsylvania State University, November 2012
Second Helping Zoller Gallery The Pennsylvania State University, October 2012
Homage: Past Influences Target Art Gallery Alexandria, VA October 6-30 2012
Difficult Differences Zoller Gallery State College, PA. Spring 2012.
The New Sauce Zoller Gallery The Pennsylvania State University, Jan 13-29 2012

Unearthing The Narrative in Art Today The 23rd Atmosphere Group Gallery Chicago, IL; March 11– April 22 2011.
Alt Press Festival Salt Lake City Library Salt Lake City, UT; July 5, 2011.
Gray Wall Gallery Salt Lake City, UT; September 2010–August 2011

Transgressions/Transmutations the Book Rejiggered The 23rd Atmosphere Group Gallery Chicago, IL; June 11–July 24, 2010
Utah Teapot Show The Tea Grotto Salt Lake City, UT; April 12–May 14, 2010

Early Career Shows
Signed and Numbered – Salt Lake City, UT Late February 2009–2013
Rocky Mountain Arts and Antiquest Show – Salt Lake City, UT: November 14–16, 2008
Solo Show Café Velo – Salt Lake City, UT: Summer ’08
Judge Memorial Alumni Art Show – Salt Lake City, UT: Spring 2008–10
Art is Everywhere – Salt Lake City, UT: Fall ’06
American West Heritage Center Annual Festival – Logan, UT: Summer, ’06
Senior Thesis Exhibition Alfred University – Alfred, NY: Spring, ’06
Beauty, Courage, Strength – Alfred, NY: Spring, ’06

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Studio Visit Winter 2014

Professional Experience

Since 2014
Member at 3rd Street Gallery
InLiquid – Graphic Designer
Studio Z Design – Graphic Designer

Since 2006
Graphic Design/Artwork – LLC
Graphic Design – Beezix inc. 

Past Positions

The Pennsylvania State University Graduate Assistant – Instructor of Art

Curator – Gray Wall Gallery

Graphic Designer – Mills Publishing

Production Designer – Sign A Rama
Intern – Institute for the Electronic Arts at Alfred University


MFA Printmaking – The Pennsylvania State University

BFA Studio Art – Alfred University