Jenn Hallgren

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Artist's Statement

I began painting for obvious reasons — to portray and communicate the beauty in the world. The more I painted, the more the colors and marks on the canvas began to take on a new function, a new language, the language of formalism. My exploration of the formal qualities of the mark created with my brush was one made up of line, color, shape, form, structure, composition, and plasticity. These formal qualities have intrigued me for the last 25 years — throughout my continual exploration of drawing, painting, and computer design and art direction.

My artistic career hit a stumbling point in June of 2017, when a fire in my studio building left everything in my studio — from art supplies and studio equipment, to my entire body of work — completely waterlogged. The fire left me not only without a studio — as the building was closed by Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections for an undetermined amount of time — but also without any art supplies. The next day I promptly carved out a small space (in my very small condo) and bought a new easel and some basic drawing materials. Determined to continue with my work, I resolved the summer of 2017 would be my summer of drawing. A month later, I broke (shattered) my right (dominant) wrist, and began drawing with my left.

While 2017 presented numerous challenges; it also provided me with serendipitous opportunities. After the wrist break (and surgery a week later) I had a lot of downtime (while keeping the wrist iced and elevated). This gave me the time and opportunity to explore and experience the work of other artists — from the cannon of art history to my professional contemporaries. During this downtime I had an artistic epiphany — I realized that I have a need and a desire to add some explorative components to my practice. While I have not changed my philosophic beliefs about the visual arts — the importance of the formal qualities inherent in the medium and mark on the flat, two-dimensional surface — I do have a newly awakened excitement to further explore the variety of media and to work towards a further simplification of subject matter and to capture the essence of both the subject and the medium(s). Philadelphia is a literal kaleidoscope of deep and shallow, of overlapping planes, signs, trees, windows, reflections and fragments — I plan capture these overlooked slices of the environment in a simplified/abstracted manor (without adhering to creating every line).

Selected Exhibitions

Art of the Flower, Philadelphia Sketch Club, Philadelphia, PA
Juried Exhibition

200th Anniversary Art Exhibition, Philadelphia Athenaeum, Philadelphia, PA
Juried Exhibition

88th Annual Juried Show, New Rochelle Art Association, New Rochelle, NY
Juried Exhibition

Self Portrait, Culture Works Gallery, Dayton, OH
Juried Exhibition

Professional Experience

1993 - present
Jenn Hallgren, Fine Artist: Oil Painter, Philadelphia, PA

2009 - present
Visual Design & Brand Communications, Hallgren Creative, Philadelphia PA

2017 - present
Board Member, DaVinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

2012 - 2015
Marketing & Business Development Consultant, Arts & Business Council, Philadelphia, PA

2011 - 2017
Board Member, Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion, Philadelphia, PA
• President of the Board of Directors (2013-2016) • Chair Membership Development (2013-2016)

2007 - 2009
Art Director, NAPCO, Philadelphia, PA

2005 - 2007
Director Of Art And Production, Herrin Publishing, Philadelphia, PA

2002 - 2005
Art Director, Professional Media Group, Norwalk, CT

2003 - 2004
Graphic Design Adjunct Instructor, Norwalk Community College, Norwalk, CT

Art Instructor, K-12 Gallery for Young People, Dayton, OH

Fine Art Festival Coordinator, Fairfield Commons, Dayton, OH

2001 - 2002
Teaching Assistant, Art History/Art Appreciation, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

1994 - 1998
Art Gallery Sales & Marketing Specialist, Center for Photography, St Louis, MO

Awards and Honors

Awarded Second Place Best in Show, New Rochelle Art Association, New Rochelle, NY

Awarded Honorable Mention, Culture Works Gallery, Dayton, OH

Awarded Full Scholarship, Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, NY

Awarded Teaching Assistantship, Wright State University, Dayton, OH

Awarded Numerous Tuition Scholarships, St. Louis Community College and Webster University, St. Louis, MO

Awarded Full Scholarship, Webster University Vienna, Vienna, Austria


2007 - 2011
Fox School of Business, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA
MBA, Marketing Strategy

1995 - 2000
Wright State University, Dayton OH
BFA, Painting, Minor Art History
Magna Cum Laude