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Out Of Season

Wildwood is a small barrier island at the tip of southern New Jersey. Through an improbable combination of economics, geography and chance, it contains a national treasure: the highest concentration of mid-century modern hospitality architecture in the United States. A short 3-month tourist season combined with a working-class veneer resulted in Wildwood’s motels remaining virtually unchanged – frozen in time – for over 40 years. But more than half of Wildwood’s motels have been demolished in recent years and for those that remain, the future is in doubt.


Displacement is an examination of primary aesthetic memories – the fragments of remembered color and shape that become the building blocks of our sensibilities. The images traffic in a mystery and meaning far beyond their origin in the plastic model car decals of the artist’s boyhood. These slivers of memory are transmuted through scale and structure, revealing – or more precisely, exhuming – a cognitive universe of memory, emotion, and desire.

Artist's Biography

Mark Havens is a Philadelphia-based artist whose work has been exhibited in galleries nationwide. Reviews of his work have appeared in a variety of publications including Title Magazine and The Philadelphia Inquirer as well as online venues such as Flak Photo and Curated. In addition to his studio practice, Mark is a full-time professor at Philadelphia University, where he is the director of the Industrial Design Program’s foundation year.

Selected Exhibitions

Continental Gallery, Austin, TX
Curator: Tom Hohman

Gravy Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Emma Stern

Slingluff Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Jonathan Slingluff

Jagr Projects, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: John Levitties

Johalla Projects, Chicago, IL
Curator: James Pepper Kelly

Champions of Empty Rooms, Pop-Up Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Jessica Clark

Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA
Curator: Gordon Stettinius

The Center for Fine Art Photography, Fort Collins, CO
Curator: Charles Guice

Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR
Curator: Katherine Ware

Studio Christensen, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Rick DeCoyte

Sasha Wolf Gallery, New York, NY
Curator: Sasha Wolf

Samson Gallery, Boston, MA
Curator: Camilo Alvarez

Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY
Curator: Shane Zucker

ArtSpace Gallery, Richmond, VA
Curator: Santa DeHaven

AxD Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Crystal Usoro

Part Time Studios, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Seth Shimkonis

Artspace Liberti, Philadelphia, PA
Curator: Rob Matthews

Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York, NY
Curator: Daniel Cooney

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