Rebecca Jacoby

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Phone: 267-808-6840

1400 N. American Street, #307 Philadelphia, PA 19122

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Artist's Statement

Visual expression is an instinctive, intense part of my personal growth. Each piece evolves out of the physical act of making the piece itself and comes from my gut, changing and evolving with me. The primary constants of my work are an impulse towards mark making and a love of color, texture and process.

Since late 2014 I have incorporated linear elements into my work formed by pouring paint onto canvas pinned to the wall, then rotating them, using angles and gravity to create organic borders. The unplanned lines and boundaries that emerge instigate geometric blocks of color and imagery that, along with the lines themselves, act as catalysts for the circular, organic forms I have been making since 2011. These densely entwined stone, pebble or cell-like shapes are influenced by the stones and stone walls of New England, which seem to neither start or end, but to grow out of and merge back into the ground.

My method of combining media and moving collage elements around the canvas builds content and increases emotional and physical range. Simple actions move the work forward. The natural development of forms that extending from and move through one another and the addition of texture by building up of areas and through collage keeps momentum. Currently, removing geometric blocks of color and relocating them on the canvas helps to create tension between shapes and forms. Additionally, I rotate the canvas, allowing my perspective on what has been done until then to change, and for the re-working of sections to occur unconsciously.

The necessity to push myself as an artist and avoid over-familiarization with a particular style or method emerges periodically. When I feel too comfortable in my practice, I may vary scale and expand my range of drawing tools. My large-scale mixed media paintings continue to evolve. Meanwhile, my work on paper in pen, marker, collage, ink and paint both inform my paintings and allow me to remain attuned to, for example, working in black and white or on a particular image. The circular stone and pebble-like shapes in my work unintentionally illustrate the circularity of my process as I move from canvas to paper, from large scale to small and back again, continuously seeking renewal and growth.

Selected Exhibitions

Over the Bridge, Wheaton Arts Center, Millville, NJ

Artist's Choice, LG Tripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Small Wonders, Maryland Federation of the Arts, Circle Gallery, Annapolis MD

Roundabout, LG Tripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Cellular/Molecular, Esther M. Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Le Meridian, Philadelphia, PA

Work on Paper, LGTripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2011 - 2012
Abstractions, Blue Hill Blue Hill Cultural Center, Pearl River, NY

Following the Line, Art in City Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Resonances, LGTripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Premiere, LGTripp Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2009 - 2010
Rebecca Jacoby: What You See Is, The Hall, Inliquid at the Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, PA

Spring Show, Lankenau Institute for Medical Research, Wynnewood, PA

Summer Survey 2007, Gallery Siano, Philadelphia, PA

Color, Lines and Spaces, Gallery Siano, Philadelphia, PA

Number 9, Lambertville, NJ

Patterns of Repetition, 450 Broadway Gallery, New York, NY

Faculty Show, Art Department, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

Inside, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

6 x 2=13=ART, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

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Awards and Honors

Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Merit in Graduate Fine Arts, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Joseph Skinner Fellowship in Art, Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA


University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA
Ogletree Deakins, LLP, Philadelphia, PA
Coventry, Ft. Washington, PA

Private Collections
Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore


Residency, Vermont Studio School, Johnson, VT

Residency, Jentel Artists Residency Program, WY

2000 and 2002
Master Printer, Center for Contemporary Printmaking annual Monothon, Norwalk, CT


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA