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    My art is the Illumination of my Spiritual Path: A path of both the confrontational examination of ego fears and the gentleness and nurturing of the Authentic Self. This tension and movement is seen throughout the paintings in the bold colors of the inks mingling with the dots of complimentary and contrasting acrylics.

    After being a nurse for 20 years, I began painting in June of 2000 following 10 years of ego confrontation, letting go of each fear blocking my creative expression. One by one they surfaced for attention and confrontation. By doing this I was, and still am, able to let go of the need for suffering in my life, and uncover my natural State of Joy, which is the inspiration for my paintings: Chipping away like Michelangelo to finally uncover the Source. It all came to fruition during an experience on a music bed that modulated the vibration of the music with my energy field in a state of bioentrainment. After this experience I began painting prolifically, first with Crayola markers and later with inks and acrylics.

    Today when I sit down to paint, I receive from within the entire painting all at once, as if all of the colors and dots are one Thought. I feel as if I am painting music, which is a powerful force in the out flowing of the internal Inspiration received. I paint to different forms of music. My most recent work is a collection of 7 “symphonies” representing both the color spectrum and the human energy field, and was painted to the music of Kitaro. Sometimes the music choice comes to me first and then the painting. At other times the painting comes first and then the music choice. I have found freedom through my art. Complete freedom of Self Expression and I am eternally grateful for everyone and everything that has been a part of my evolution as an artist.