Candace Karch

Candace Karch


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Les Objets Inconnus

Artist's Statement

This series of work, Les Objets Inconnus, evolved from an installation entitled Hold. Hold was inspired by the desire to keep stuff. I have held on to the many items I have collected, in hopes that one day, they would be part of something bigger. Each object has its own story and instead of ridding myself of these treasures, I saved them.  In my current body of work, I build small sets and sculptures out of my "stuff." The objects are then lit behind a transparent screen and photographed. By changing the direction of the lights, the objects are transformed into something that distorts what I originally constructed. This distortion created could be interpreted as cinematic, and I am going for drama. As of now, these photographs are composed of "stage sets" that are small in scale. My personal objects range in size from half of an inch to twelve inches shadow theater. Through a theatrical interplay of shadow and light, my aim is to both create a narrative and resuscitate my possessions.