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The Loom North, #1-3-C 3245 Amber St, Philadelphia, PA 19134

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Animal Fur Series


Motion Pictures

Artist's Biography

Over the past 22 years as a professional artist, Janos Korodi has exhibited in cities across the globe, including Brussels, Helsinki, Leipzig, Los Angeles, Moscow, New York, Philadelphia, Regensburg, Rome, Stockholm, Trenton and Vienna. He also has an accomplished educational background with an MFA and PhD from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest. He has won awards including the 2010 Eötvös Scholarship of the Hungarian State studio residency in New York City, a 2008 scholarship from the Hungarian Academy in Rome, the 1999–2001 Derkovits-Fellowship of the State and the 1996 scholarship of the Tóth Menyhért Foundation in Kecskemét, Hungary. He also won the competitive six-months artistic residency at TerraCycle in Trenton, NJ. He has works in numerous permanent collections – public and private, including here in the US.

Artist's Statement

As a painter, as well as a human being, I am deeply concerned by the public realm and feel the crucial need to address social issues using different forms of art. Although my main field of painting doesn’t touch social or environmental issues directly, surely it does in an indirect mode – I sometimes engage art and educational projects targeting local or broader communities. I have dealt a lot with architecture and urbanism in my research for my doctorate, as well as the visual aspects of these for my genius loci series.

My earlier painting series
My fur series – symbolizing a kind of ancient act – at the outset, played with the idea of covering, and suffusion of space: instead of showing, it was more about hiding. It has woven a picture of the Maya veil pulled over the world’s face. The paintings were created out of the visual memories of fur patterns used as atavistic protectors, guardians of the spirit, and simple wall-coverings and repeated later in the series of carpet arabesques, in which the surface image replaced emptiness with a man-made motif: an arabesque of the world. A couple of years later, around 2000, the industrial interiors pulled these veils aside, and in these newborn pictures, I have faced nothingness. Although consciously I dealt with the intellectual resources carried by space, since the interiors – in my series of covering reality up to revealing it – were all talking about place, in the sense of a determination, with its natural and metaphysical reality. Viewing it from perspective, my painting oeuvre has looped around the concept of site – as if I am trying to circumnavigate again and again on an already explored field – that imbues my world of thought and feeling towards painting, and through universal arts, my life in general.

My recent work
In my new series my base has progressively transformed – as it has happened in reality: I lost the “ground”. In terms of painting, my focus fell into motion, being nowhere and everywhere. A new concept sprouted to explore the notion of place, non-place, and motion, as mediated through technology. A representation of our virtual world that simulates velocity.

Our current experience, the era of technology has added a horizon of a new kind of matter-less world to our life, the communication and the things that are arising only from virtuality. My new paintings are anonymous landscapes, in that they lack a specified location; they engage the viewer with a moving, ephemeral phase of a vision. The broad gestures quote Abstract Painting, but simultaneously stand for the narrative, the precise elements of a figural picture of motion. The series called Motion Pictures uses Google Streetview as its primary base and unfailing cache.

Please take a look at my website, where you’ll find my visual work in chronological order.

Selected Exhibitions

Anonymous Landscape, Artworks Trenton, NJ

Speakeasy, Neon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
with Roland Horváth

Máglya köz, AJAMK, Budapest, Hungary

Eternal Lingering, Neon gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Dumbo Arts Festival, Brooklyn, NY

Secret Reading, Viltin gallery, Budapest, Hungary
Under Construction, U Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Joensuu Art Museum, Finland

Hungarian Cultural Institute, Tallin, Estonia

MetaDa: Janos Korodi, ARTI 08, Den Haag, Netherlands

Under Construction, acb Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Paintings 1995–2001, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Selfspreading, UFF Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

America, The Gallery at Park Towne Place, Philadelphia, PA

Water/Color, Studio Montclair, Montclair, NJ

Art all Night, Trenton, NJ

Art all Night, Trenton, NJ

Wallspace Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Hybridity within the Carpathians, MODEM Centre for Contemporary Art, Debrecen, Hungary

Donumenta, Regensburg, Germany

Accademia delle Accademie, Rome, Tempio di Adriano Spazi Aperti, Romanian Academy, Rome, Italy

The New Refutation of Time, The Irokez Collection, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Stretch it!, Viltin Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Uncutted version, Painterly positions, Ernst-Museum, Budapest, Hungary

SideMen, 7 Hungarian artists, Körzőgyár, Budapest, Hungary

Postillusionism, Wittgenstein-Haus, Wien, Austria

Hungarian Cultural Institute, Bruxelles, Belgium

Hungarian Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Irokéz Collection–new acquisitions, Szombathely, Hungary

Painting Biennal, Väsby Konsthall, Infra Gallery, Stockholm, Sweeden

Bad Boys, Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest, Hungary

It’s good everywhere, but the best is at home, MEO, Budapest, Hungary

The Irokéz Collection, Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Institute Moscow, Russia

König Albrecht Haus, Leipzig, Germany

Dialogue, Painting on the Millennium, Műcsarnok Exhibition Hall, Budapest, Hungary

Fellows of the Tóth Menyhért Foundation, Cifra Palace, Kecskemét, Hungary

Irregular Memory, Szombathely Exhibition Hall, Szombathely, Hungary

Slamasztika 97’, with Kálmán Ádám, UFF Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

”K” as Chimera, Szombathely Exhibition Hall, Szombathely, Hungary

Baranyai, Korodi, Uglár, Újlak Exhibitionspace, Budapest, Hungary

Lajos Vajda Studio, Szentendre, Hungary

Awards and Honors

TerraCycle Residency, Trenton, NJ

Eötvös Grant of the Hungarian State – studio residency New York City, NY

Scholarship of the Hungarian Academy in Rome

1999 – 2001
Derkovits Scholarship of the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage

The Scholarship of the Tóth Menyhért Foundation, Kecskemét, Hungary


Park Towne Place Museum District, Philadelphia, PA
Irokéz Collection, Szombathely, Hungary
University of Pécs, Pécs, Hungary
Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary
Raiffeisen Bank
Collection of Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Hungary
Numerous Private Collections all over the World


Motion, Catalogue of the Series, Hungarian–English, @Janos Korodi

Genius Loci, Works 2008–2014 Hungarian–English, Neon Gallery, Budapest

Cooperman, Marcie, Color: How to Use It textbook, color theory ©Pearson Prentice Hall

Paintings 1994–2008, Hungarian–English, 100p – 94 color plates ©Janos Korodi

DLA Degree Works, Hattyúház, Pécs, University of Pécs

Postillusionism, Wittgenstein-Haus, Wien, Ministry of National Cultural Heritage

Paintings 1995–2001, Ernst Museum, Dorottya Gallery, Budapest


Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

2004 - 2005
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Austria
(guest semester at the architect-faculty, class of Wolf D. Prix)

2002 - 2005
DLA (PhD) courses in Pécs University Art Department

Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary