Joseph V. Labolito

Joseph V. Labolito


    Artist's Statement

    My images are a portrait of a city that I love. I have photographed the people, places and things in Philadelphia in the 80s and 90s. I photographed the areas that I was raised in and later frequented; I photographed what I knew. These images area portrait of the city viewed from the inside out. It is the people that live in the neighborhoods, the things they did, the businesses they owned. It is important, to look at the evolution of what makes this great city today.

    As someone who was a product of the neighborhoods of Philadelphia, these photos are an unapologetic look back at where we came from. The entire collection contains the Convention Center being built, the closure of Holmesburg Prison and the Philadelphia Naval Yard, intersections and row houses, buildings and skylines, boxers and business owners, all viewed from the eyes of an insider.

    These photos show the human spirit and condition of Philadelphia. How we survive and endure and become what we are. It shows how we live, what we live in and the things we surround ourselves with. This is the Philadelphia I know.

    Shot in detail with large format Black & White negatives. Intended to be viewed over time to celebrate the progress and evolution of the Philadelphia we have becomes.

    These Photographs are in numerous collections; the largest of which is the Free Library’s Print and Picture Collection. The FLP house almost 1400 images shot during that era.