Tiantian Li

4919 Pentridge Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143

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Artist's Biography

Tiantian Li is a painter working in Philadelphia and Beijing. She graduated from China's top art school Central Academy of Fine Art with a master degree in 2016. Also, she finished her second MFA program at PAFA in 2018. Since then she has exhibited in Asia, the United States and Europe. She has lots of cooperation with Asian, German, and American galleries. Her work has also been shown in many major art museums in China, such as National Art Museum of China, CAFA Art Museum, GAFA Art Museum, Shanghai Oil Painting Sculpture Institute and Song Zhuang Museum.

She also has had many shows in the United States recently, such as the PAFA Museum, InLiquid Art + Design, FMC, DVAA, Mainline Unitarian Church Fireside Gallery and Rowan University Art Gallery. Meanwhile, she took part in many art fairs, such as Los Angeles Art Fair, Beijing Art Fair and Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair.

Artist's Statement

I was born in South of China and my hometown is near the river and the sea. I learned Chinese ink painting from childhood. The watercolor series - LOVE ME MORE - is my fusion of southern water feelings and female feelings. These are extremely intimate female objects, women often use them in the daily life, and the most intimate behavior with our own skin, and they give us a sense of security and even surpass love.

I drew all of my own privacy lingerie for several years and communicated with them as well as listened to my heart. Also in this process I saw changes in my own life, changes in my body, and changes in taste and cognition. The characters in the LOVE ME MORE series are many portraits of the German painter Hans Holbein who was hired by the British royal family during the Renaissance. I explore ideation of female intimacy and emotions expressed through portraits of my lingerie superposition with portraits of historical characters from the Renaissance period, which represents a time of enlightenment and romantic expression. From the expression technique, I try to be as meticulous as possible, and the treatment effect of clothing is lissome. What’s more, I also choose famous female artists portrait as my subjects, such as Frida Kahlo, from her personal background I can see lots of females need more love.

What I hope to see is not only to encourage women to pay more attention to themselves through these most intimate clothes, but also female representation while giving themselves the attention, humor, and respect they deserve.

Selected Exhibitions

Tiantian Li Solo Show, Buku Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Love More More - Tiantian Li Solo Show, Lumos, Manhattan, NY

Love - Tiantian Li Solo Show, Fireside Gallery, Unitarian Church, Devon, PA

Love - Tiantian Li Solo Show, Old City, Xi'an Cuisine, Philadelphia, PA

Catalyst, InLiquid Art + Design, The Yard, Philadelphia, PA

Floral Wonderland, Global Harbor, Shanghai, China

At Home International Art Fair, A+ Space, Suzhou Center, Suzhou, China

InLiquid Art + Design Benefit, Crane Arts, Philadelphia

Into the Light, benefit exhibition for friends of the Rail Park, Bridgette Meyer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Nature of Next Art Exhibition, FMC Tower, Philadelphia, PA

PAFA: Now, NoBA Artspaces, Philadelphia, PA

Pratt and PAFA Students and Alumni Exhibition of Fine Arts, Old City Jewish Center, Philadelphia, PA

In Flux, InLiquid Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

PAFA ASE, PAFA Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Where I Dwell: Memory, Place, and Home, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

Under Construction, Jedidiah Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Enamored Armor, Rowan University Art Gallery, Rowan, NJ

Los Angeles Art Show, Liahona Art Space, Los Angeles, CA

Nasty Women Express Themselves Through Art, Fireside Gallery, Unitarian Church, Devon, PA

Philadelphia/Tri-State Artists Equity Fall Juried Exhibition, Community Arts Center, Wallingford, PA

Agriculture, FMC Tower, Philadelphia, PA

Mr. Jian & Miss. K - Project A, Songzhuang Museum, Beijing, China

The Pursuit of Excellence - The First Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing, China

Art Beijing Fair, Agriculture Exhibition Center, Liahona Art Space, Beijing, China

Affordable Art Festival, FeeFan's Art, Hong Kong, China

Graduate Exhibition, CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

New Stars with Smile Angle, Smile Angle Foundation & FeeFan's Art, Beijing, China

Linked: Philly Arts Schools Group Exhibtion, 128 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Our Bodies Ourselves, 128 Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

Begegnungen - Made in China #12, 99Gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany

The Pursuit of Excellence - The First Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, Chongqing Art Museum, Chongqing, China

Fu Long Special Art Life, Fu Long Art Center, Guangzhou, China

Personal Life, Liahona Art Space, Beijing, China

The Pursuit of Excellence - The First Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, Xi An Art Museum, Xi An, China

Kreuzungen - The First Impressions of New Exhibition, 99Gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany

China Young Female - Second Impression, 99Gallery, Aschaffenburg, Germany

Trace - Enzhao Liu & Tiantian Li Show, Space Zero, Beijing, China

Maiji Misty Rain - The Four Studio Show, CAFA Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

The Pursuit of Excellence - The First Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, Oil Painting Sculpture Institute, Shanghai, China

Resonance - The Third Session of CAFA Graduate Exhibition, CAFA Museum, Beijing, China

Undergraduate Student Show, GAFA Museum, Guangzhou, China

Sketch Exhibition of Oil Painting Department, CAFA Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China

Students Show of the Foundation Department, GAFA Museum, Guangzhou, China

Artist's Bibliography


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