Emilio Maldonado

Emilio Maldonado


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    Mixed Media Sculptures


    Artist's Biography

    Emilio Maldonado is an Afro-Caribbean artist living in Philadelphia. He graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design (MFA, Painting, 2013), Escuela de Artes Plasticas de Puerto Rico (BFA, Painting, 2011) and from Altos de Chavon in the Dominican Republic (AAS, Fine Arts and Illustration, 2007).

    Through a multidisciplinary practice, he boards questions that live between the realm of the domestic and the social-contemporary, dealing with culture, poverty and trauma and with a very keen interest in the human condition.

    He has been part of group and solo shows locally and abroad, such as Vox Populi Make/shift (Philadelphia,PA, 2021) and Santo Domingo Museum of Modern Art Biennial, (Santo Domingo, DR, 2013). He has also attended Elsewhere Residency (Greensboro, NC) and Tiger Strikes Asteroid in 2020 and is a 2021 Mural Arts Fellow.

    Artist's Statement

    I make art from the point of view of the systemically disenfranchised and by making use of the object of consumption as a unit of representation. I experiment with its variable semiological interpretations, striving to create pieces that can start conversations that travel between the art sphere and the social realm.

    In this dynamic it is difficult to describe what is my place, am I the artist? or the act of the piece being created makes me the author a “posteriori”? I work the piece, but never feel like the true creator, as I feel that through the process, it tells me things, some about myself, some about the world, its ironies and conflicts, always poignant, relevant; this is the way that the divine manifests in my life and my intent is often influenced by the force of our collective existence.

    Selected Exhibitions

    Hyperbolic-Semiotics under Third World Standards, Waldron Gallery, Bloomington, IN

    Garage Sale, FAHM Gallery, Savannah, GA

    Sin nombre, Om, Santo Domingo, DR

    PSSST, Wilma W. Daniels Gallery, Wilmington, NC

    Summerhouse, HOT•BED Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    Movement + Space, Dana Wiley Gallery, Dayton, OH

    12x12x12, The Art Trust, West Chester, PA

    Us: What divides us and what unites us?, Touchstone Gallery, Washington, DC

    Sanctuary, Hamilton Street Gallery, Bound Brook, NJ

    Figure in Art, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    Once upon a time in July 25, Puertorican Art Center, Camden, NJ

    Concrete and Adrift, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA

    Faculty Triennial, Moore Galleries, Philadelphia, PA

    Mixed Media, Site: Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY

    Spring Stroll, Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    Politics of exchange, Kimmel Center of Performing Arts, Philadelphia, PA

    Philly Fashion Week, Philadelphia, PA

    Punto de Encuentro, Capitol Building, San Juan, PR

    Politics of exchange, Cecille R. Hunt Gallery, Saint Louis, MO

    The Factory Fashion Show, Saint Louis Fashion week, Saint Louis, MO

    Expanding mode, Concepto Hudson, Hudson, NY

    33March, Old Orchard Gallery, St Louis, MO

    Trash to Art, KOKEN Art Factory, St Louis, MO

    27th Santo Domingo Visual Arts Biennial, Modern Arts Museum, Santo Domingo, DR

    Mixed Mediacy, Non Fiction Gallery, Savannah, GA

    Secac Members Show, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC

    Collected: Here and Them, Non Fiction Gallery, Savannah, GA

    It's a small, small world, Family Business Project Space, New York, NY
    Curator: Jason Musson

    The new kids in the block, 787 Studios, Santurce, PR

    Be Brave, Gómez Hermanos foundation, San Juan, PR

    Santurce es Ley II, Santurce, PR

    Santurde es Ley I, Santurce, PR

    Triennial Elite-Tile, Modern Art Museum, Santo Domingo, DR

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    Artist talk, The importance of the body in art, 3rd Street Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    Artist talk, Art and the real, Escuela de Artes Plásticas, San Juan, PR

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    Tiger Strikes Asteroid AIR Fellowship, TSA Philly Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

    1 Day Piece Activation, Elsewhere living museum, Greensboro, NC

    Elsewhere residency, Elsewhere living museum, Greensboro, NC

    Awards & Honors

    Mural Arts, Philadelphia, PA

    Savannah College of Art & Design, Savannah, GA
    Gelman Trust Fellowship

    Carolos Collazo Scholarship Prize for the Plastic Excellence, San Juan, PR


    Savannah College of Art & Design, Svannah, GA
    MFA, PAinting

    Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
    BFA, Painting

    School of Design Altos de Chavón, affiliated with Parsons School of Design, La Romana, DR
    AAS, Fine Arts and Illustration